12 Mardi Gras Costume Ideas for Ladies

12 Mardi Gras Costume Ideas for Ladies

Costumes play a significant role in Mardi Gras. If you are not sure what to wear in this big carnival, check out our 12 Mardi Gras Costume Ideas.

February is the month of carnival, and nothing can beat the festivity of carnivals like Mardi Gras. Carnival is one of the times of the year that brings a smile to everyone's face. It is a beautiful and bright holiday to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring.

To embrace the carnival’s atmosphere properly, costume plays an important role. Traditional carnival costumes represent the culture, history, and love for Mardi Gras. Wearing the most outrageous costumes to blend in with the crowd is essential to the carnival. However, choosing the perfect costume for Mardi Gras is quite a task. Purple, Green, and Golden– you can go for Mardi Gras' theme colors, or you can choose something different. But sparkling tinsel, chunky beads, and innovative designs are a must. To catch the Mardi Gras energy, the brighter you go, the better. Already feeling overwhelmed? Don't panic! We have selected 12 Mardi Gras costume ideas, especially for you. Before hopping into the carnival celebrations, let's check them out.


  1. February is an unpredictable month in the matter of weather. You might feel chilly in the morning but hot in the afternoon. So don’t forget to carry a matching jacket with you. You can also put on layers of colorful clothes and take them off whenever the sun hits the most.

  2. Wigs are equally important, like costumes for Mardi Gras. Colorful wigs can quickly turn your regular look into a festive one. You can find tons of wig options both online and offline.

  3. Flashy colors, feathers, sequins, and tinsels properly lift the Mardi Gras mood. Though there is no color restriction for festivals, vibrant colors best express the festive vibe.

  4. Get creative with makeup. Wear big false lashes, face glitter, and colorful makeup to add a touch of fun to your carnival outlook.

  5. If you are running out of Mardi Gras costume ideas and not sure what to wear, go for Mardi Gras' theme colors. Wear a dress in purple, green, or gold. Put some glittery makeup and a colorful wig on. Accessorize yourself with beads and tinsels; nothing can stop you from blending in with the carnival.

  6. As Mardi Gras involves a lot of walking, it is wise to avoid uncomfortable shoes. Try to avoid hills and wear bejeweled sneakers to match the carnival outfit.


Running out of Mardi Gras costumes ideas? Don’t worry, try one of these 12 beautiful Mardi Gras costumes out and make this carnival a memorable one.

  1. Green, Blue, Gold Tinsel Costume

    green, blue, gold tinsel costume for mardi gras
    Tinsel Costume

    This dress is a classic combination of Mardi Gras colors. This is a blue and gold one-piece bikini suit design full of sequin. Pair it with a blue, green, and gold tinsel jacket and a hat designed with colorful beads and pom poms. To complete the look, put on a wig.

  2. White Glam Costume

    white glam costume for mardi gras
    Glam Costume

    Isn’t it really hard to take your eyes off this beautiful white dress? This is a one piece bikini suit with a silver sequin and white beads work. It has less colors but more power to scream the Mardi Gras’ name. This delicate white dress will look very elegant in the carnival festivities.

  3. Purple Fringe Costume

    purple fringe costume for mardi gras
    Fringe Costume

    Purple is one of the main colors of Mardi Gras. So, you can choose a dress that is fully dedicated to this color. This costume is made of bright purple fabric with purple fringes. Match the outfit with a purple feather scarf, and you are ready to rock the carnival.

  4. Vintage Purple Costume

    vintage purple costume for mardi gras
    Vintage Purple Costume

    Wearing vintage-style costumes is nothing new in Mardi Gras. If you have not tried it ever, give it a shot this Mardi Gras. This elegant purple dress is made with velvet fabric and has a golden corset design. To enhance the look, have bright eye makeup and wear a crown.

  5. Golden and Black Fringe Costume

    golden and black fringe costume
    Fringe Costume

    Don't be afraid to think out of the box with your carnival costumes. Go with some dark colors. This is another beautiful fringe dress. It is a lovely combination of golden and black that gives a very sexy and royal vibe. Complete the look with a pair of black gloves.

  6. Pink and Gold Jewel Costume

    pink and gold jewel costume for mardi gras
    Jewel Costume

    Ready to dance in the carnivals? Look magnificent in the crowd wearing this pink and gold jersey suit. It has red and silver jewel work and sequin work on the bottom. Wear a bright pink tinsel jacket with it and dance the night away.

  7. Red and Pink Sparkle Costume

    red and pink sparkle costume for mardi gras
    Sparkle Costume

    Feathers, sparkles, or sequins? Why not have it all in one? It is perfect for those who want to stand out in the crowd the most. This three piece look includes the bralette, shorts, and jacket. This all-in-one look is excellent for rocking into the early carnival morning. This outfit is perfect for holidays, festivals, parties, and more! Wear a colorful wig to complete the look.

  8. Full of Tinsel Costume

    full of tinsel costume for mardi gras
    Full of Tinsel Costume

    Could you wear any more tinsel? Yes, you can! Stand out most in the crowd wearing this tinsel dress. This two-piece look includes a top and skirt, both made with extra-long blue and purple tinsel. This high-shine look is great for Mardi Gras carnivals.

  9. High Shine Tinsel Costume

    high shine tinsel costume for mardi gras
    High Shine Tinsel

    With High Shine Tinsel Bralette and Skirt, you may merge with the sunshine. Tinsel Bra and Skirt combo are essential to keep the party going and keep things cool, with dense tinsel designed for the ultimate Mardi Gras vibe. Using the extra-long iridescent tinsel, spin it around and make it dazzle. With its flowing design, this fabulous two-piece outfit is perfect for running the carnival.

  10. Purple Ruffle Costume

    purple ruffle costume for mardi gras
    Ruffle Costume

    Be the star on the Mardi Gras with the carnival's theme color. This is a two-piece wild ruffle dress. A 'must have' costume justifies your carnival look and goes well with the other parties. Wear this on the carnival and roll the ruffle with your every dance move.

  11. Green Tinsel Jacket

    green tinsel jacket for mardi gras
    Green Tinsel Jacket

    Be the star on the Mardi Gras with the carnival's theme color. This is a two-piece wild ruffle dress. A 'must have' costume justifies your carnival look and goes well with the other parties. Wear this on the carnival and roll the ruffle with your every dance move.

  12. Purple Cape Costume

    purple cape costume for mardi gras
    Cape Costume

    Last but not least, the purple cape dress screams the Mardi Gras' name. Mardi Gras is the perfect carnival to get dressed up in various styles of costumes. This is a dress with a cape full of bright purple color. Define your body perfectly– this dress will give you a seductive carnival look.

Mardi Gras involves a lot of fun activities from day to night. So, do not get hard on yourself wearing a costume you do not feel comfortable with. Sticking to the basics or going for something wild, ensure your comfort comes first, and have lots of fun in Mardi Gras.

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