25 best celebrity Halloween costumes you must try

25 best celebrity Halloween costumes you must try

What's fascinating about Halloween is not only we celebrate the festival, but our lovely celebrities too. What do you make of impersonating a celebrity on Halloween? Aren't you paying tribute to your favorite characters? Well. I certainly think we do.

So every Halloween is much more than just being a festival. It's a cultural tribute to all the characters, icons, fictional or non-fictional both. In crisp words, it's a "glorification of the existing art and artists altogether." 

In my opinion, what Christmas is to the creators of the universe, Halloween is to the creators of art.

And no one creates art more than the celebrities. 

So we're going down with some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes today. Let me tell you; I'm obsessing over these celebrity costume ideas! And they should make your Halloween worth-remembering.

So let's roll on.

Crazy celebrity costumes and celebrity wigs ideas 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #1 Joe Exotic: HPO |Zany Zoo Guy| Zoo Keeper Mullet, Halloween Wig With Handlebar Mustache

The 80's mullet and bushy mustache set merely is hilarious. There's a sense of oddity with the Zookeeper, Joe Exotic, as he's a prolific breeder of "big cats." If breeding tigers is as simple as peeling bananas for you, you know what celebrity you want to pull this Halloween. 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #2 David Bowie: Adult Men's Deluxe Singer Party Suit Lots Of Color Choices Costume | Multiple Color Option Cosplay Costume

Halloween is dull without the leading influential celebrity, David Bowie, and his classic 70's music. But what completes his genius is his glam rocky costume and hairstyle. The Aladdin Sane knit bodysuit is what you need to go full insane in the party with sane-heads. What say? 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #3 Peter Pan: Adult Men's Movie Character With Tunic, Hat And Pants Costume | Green Halloween Costume

Peter Pan is not a celebrity. He's an emotion. Played by Jeremy Sumpter, he breathes life in the "never-growing" chico. The young and the adults alike, who think growing is outdated, try the Peter Pan costume with Tunic and hat and channel the inner creep into a larger-than-life character.  

Celebrity Halloween costumes #4 Lil Pump: Rapper Dreadlock Wig | Red Blonde Cosplay Halloween Wig | Premium Breathable Capless Cap

2 Chainz or Lil Wayne, Erykah Badu or Lil Pump, famous rappers have rocked the people with some serious dreads in the '90s and today. Something which hasn't changed in 3 decades is the air of attention the dreadlock wigs get to the table. Not too far from your reach, the breathless dreadlock wig is a must-love rapper wig. 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #5 Elf: Adult Men's Elf On The Shelf Costume | Multi Xmas Costume

Who's a more prominent celebrity than Santa Claus himself? It's hard to pull Santa, but easier to be around him being an elf. You can be the diminutive elf helping Santa on a mission with the elves' costume having shirts, pants, hats, and mittens. Living with your favorite uncle doesn't get better than being a tiny, little, cute celebrity creature yourself. Get ya?

Celebrity Halloween costumes #6 Princess Poppy: Child's Trolls Dress Costume | Blue Cosplay Costume

Princess Poppy is on a mission to save her friends. The sweet, optimistic queen of trolls is also a mighty celebrity among the trolls. If helping others find happiness is also the primary motto of your life, you deserve to play this celebrity character with a troll dress costume and anti-gravity hair, pulled up by the sky. So what's the wait, you glitter-faced baby?

Celebrity Halloween costumes #7 Anna Wintour: Celebrity Womens Casual Bob | Gold Bob Cosplay Halloween Wig | Premium Breathable Capless Cap

The powerful and commanding personalities are hard to drag out until you're Anna Wintour. And then there's only one way you can pull the charm and intimidating genius of her. That's with the celebrity casual bob costume, mainly dedicated to her lot. Now become a trendy celebrity with an authoritative yet socially acceptable entrepreneur.  

Celebrity Halloween costumes #8 Mal wig: Fantasy Womens Wig | Purple Wigs | Premium Breathable Capless Cap

Queen Maleficent, the natural-born leader, is a celebrity to play this Halloween. I love the character development in how she lets go of much of her hollow life of evil taught by her mother and adapts love and friendship as her prima facie of life. If you've radically turned from a bad girl to following an experience of being good and moral, you're wearing this mal wig to fill the years of holes in your heart. 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #9 Maui: Adult Men's Demigod Costume | Green Halloween Costume

Though deuteragonist, the boisterous demigod Maui is a character worth living in Halloween and Christmas. The audacious guardian in you deserves a costume to save humankind and resolve the world's crisis. And it's not happening without a demigod costume. Despite being rejected by humans, Maui is what you need to be if you want to benefit them. 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #10 Bob Ross: Painter Small Afro Wig With Full Beard And Moustache Set | Brown Celebrity Wigs | Premium Breathable Capless Cap

When creativity reeks not only of painting but also the hairstyle, you know you're Bob Ross. It's effing hard to pull his grandeur. But in case you want to, you need the hairstyle that compliments well with the art flowing out of his finger. Bob Ross was a celebrity to celebrate not only because his paintings were incredible, but because he gave serious hair envy to everyone. Get this afro wig as a perm, and don't you damn waste money on a haircut. 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #11 Melanie Martinez: Singer Womens Wig| Black & Blonde Celebrity Wig|Premium Breathable Capless Cap

For all the sensitive and passionate lovers, the Melanie Martinez wig will give a severe hair complex to everyone who imposters other celebrities, even the best of them. The black and blonde celebrity wig can fulfill her kind almost with a magical delicacy. Should you need to pull her peripheral and vocal genius, this premium breathable capless wig delivers the said, with no questions fired. 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #12 Billy Gibbon: Men's Southern Long Beard Set | Synthetic Facial Hair | Multiple Color Options | HPO

Nothing quite captures the animality in 2020 than a long metalhead beard. Making his long bushy beard an epitome of a sex symbol in the '80s and later, Billy Gibbon is undoubtedly the celebrity to watch out for. The ZZ top frontman is a serious obsession when got right with the long beard set. Wear your costume, hit the metal, & make everyone headbang on your tunes.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #13 Mrs. Claus: Mrs. Claus Womens Wig | TV/Movie Short Blonde Fancy Cosplay Halloween Wig | Premium Breathable Capless Cap

If Claus is a celebrity, Mrs. Claus is his backbone. The lady has the guts to make Mr. Claus short of gifts and dried-up Christmas tradition, if it is not for her cookies-making skills, care-taking attitude towards the reindeers, and tremendous knowledge in toy-making for the kids. For all the Santas, be the crutch they want with this Mrs. Claus women's wig and celebrate Christmas being closest to elves and the Claus himself.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #14 Leprechaun: Adult Women's Luscious Leprechaun Costume | Green Halloween Costume

Hey you! The adorable ones. Although there's no proof of female Leprechauns in the Irish folklore, we're crossing the limits of imagination as a free pass to creative potency. The women's luscious Leprechauns is a brilliant non-existent celebrity to symbolize luck in the events you attend. Unleash your notorious-self with this fancy green Halloween costume and rewrite the Irish folklore with hints of sexiness sprinkled.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #15 Pennywise: Adult Men's IT Pennywise Costume | Silver Halloween Costume

The cosmic evil which preys upon the children is incomplete with adult men's IT pennywise costume. Dress up with a silver suit and orange pom-pom button, and consume the kids you hate in your neighborhood for your survival. And when you have finally celebrated Halloween, feeding up worth a year, go dormant until the next Halloween arrives. Make sure you come back even more potent, scarier, and ruthless.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #16 Bridget: Adult Women's Trolls Bridget 2 Pc Costume | Pink & White Cosplay Costume

The secret troll helper, Bridget, is a celebrity to pull not because she's a troll but because she has a heart of gold. Though her kingdom, Bergens, is cruel and mean-spirited, the soft-hearted and kind-hearted Bridget doesn't seem to be biasedly-oriented towards her species. If you're one of those left-leaning unbiased creatures who put love above cruelty, the Bridget troll costume is a sparkly twist to your Halloween. 

Celebrity Halloween costumes #17 Pirate: Adult Men's Stripes Pirate Costume | Red & White Halloween Costume

Wish we all pirate-dreamers had the liberty to showcase "excellent pirate skills" in our resumes. But since the profession doesn't sound viable to society, we shall settle with the pirate costumes and eye patches this Halloween. The striped pirate costume paired along with the pants, headscarf, eye patch brings on the cunning and opportunistic side of you on ground zero where other Halloween celebrities are waiting for you to "steal" the thunder.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #18 Elvis Presley: Mens Singer Wig | Black Celebrity Wig | Premium Breathable Capless Cap

Even Elvis Presley can't pull Elvis Presley if given a chance again! Such was his ever-striking charisma of his. But assuming you're trying to make this mistake happen once, we'll recommend Elvis's breathable wig that puts you in his shoes as close as you can. Heading for Elvis's top is not easy. You got to carry the ambition and determined personality and a wig to make sure the celebrity costume ideas succeed and Halloween goals are achieved.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #19 Tom Selleck: Men's Chest Hair | Human Hair | Multiple Color Options | HPO

Seldom do we get to pull someone's character with chest hair and not with a mustache, beard, or costume. The sturdy body with bare naked chest hair played by Tom Selleck quickly set the tone of the trend for the '70s. But here's the rub. He may look good with it while you may not. But who cares! It's Halloween. The idea is to look weird and pathetic even when others pretend the "goodie-goodie" celebrity looks. So here's an easy sticky patch of hair you want for your chest.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #20 Captain Ahab: Men's Chin Curtain Style Long Beard Set | White Cosplay Beard

The protagonist from one of the famous literary works Moby Dick, Captain Ahab, was known for his chin curtain long beard apart from his inscrutable power to almost behave as a god. He's hard to celebrate, considering the embodiment of duality in his nature. The first half's charismatic a man, and the other half's a destructive megalomaniac who's hungry for power. The only way to get closer to his stature is by using men's chin, long curtain beard sets and channelize your charisma at the finest of the Halloween moments.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #21 Beetlejuice: Adult Men's Beetlejuice Costume | Black & White Halloween Costume

No, not the entertaining Wack Packer of all time, but the crude, rude, perverted ghost who's a persistent ladies' man. I'm talking about the bio-exorcist creepy Beetlejuice, who is hard to play if you don't own this weird costume. If someone says, "you're not a pleasant person to be around," invade their personal space with this horrific costume. If that's not enough, you already know how to scare people out of their pants and pull pranks that get 'em shut for good. So get up & start bullying with this dress.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #22 Newt Scamander: Adult Men's Wizard Costume | Blue Halloween Costume

Many pull sympathetic and open-minded characters, but no one pulls it as great as the character Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beast. His usual attire with a blue coat and brown vest is dope. They are paired with a wand holster, and brown boots add the lucky feather in the apparel. Newt is the celebrity you'd completely own with this wizard costume. Hands down if you love seeking harmony like Newton did, even with the creatures.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #23 Kevin: Adult Men's Minion Costume | Yellow & Blue Halloween Costume

The funny and teasy side of Kevin makes him the animated celebrity he's today. And his golf and cricketing abilities invite many to celebrate his knack, given they have the perfect costume to mimic the minions. Young or adult, if childishness plus intellect is your way of conduct, then the star from the despicable me is definitely worth a try. So dress up as a yellow henchman and add an offbeat shade to the Halloween event.

Celebrity Halloween costumes #24 Popeye: Adult Men's Sailor Captain 5 Pc Costume | Black & Blue Cosplay Costume

The blend of sturdy, healthy, and heart of gold seems impossible until you've watched Popeye, the sailor man. Peep peep! While all our childhoods were made remarkable by this sailor captain, one celebrity who played the character with absolute ease was Robin Williams. You can pull the "quicksilver" man with this men's sailor costume that gets to save your lady love, Olive. With bulging arms, squinty eyes, and screwed-up face, fight those who infuriate you. (Leave reasonable discussions to Olive).

Celebrity Halloween costumes #25 Hillary Clinton: Politician Womens Wig | Blond Political Wigs | Premium Breathable Capless Cap

The one-woman army, Hill or Hillary, is not just another celebrity in the pack, but the political-megastar and the leader the world wasn't prepared for. She's hard to be managed by typical costumes and wigs, considering her whims, traits, and personalities are one in billions. But we're going to try it anyway with this politician blonde wig that attempts to place you as close with her external appearance. Whether you're a democrat or a republican, the wig shall rank you at the top of the party. 

Done and dusted! Things to be taken care of while you buy wigs and costumes.

You may have selected the best celebrity wigs and celebrity costumes from these, but you still need to take care of some formalities. Well, I say because that's what's going to make your Halloween-journey smooth without having to worry about returns and re-orders.

So before you get and scratch your credit cards out of your pocket, make sure you're ticking these boxes. 

  • Is the size, right? You'll have all the information through the size guide. Wigs and costumes, please roll your eyes through this petty information to prevent the spoiling of your Halloween. 
  • Does the color suit you? Not all colors are meant for all skin types. Though I believe Halloween is about shackling out of the stereotypes, it's always better to pick what suits your more than what's not.
  • Are your costumes and wigs paired? Halloween's biggest challenge is not to buy costumes and wigs separately, but to pair in a sense, they follow a logical explanation. So my first pick would be the Halloween numbers with a full set of costumes and wigs. 
  • Think of the makeup. While costumes and wigs get you close to celebrities by 50%, the rest is managed by the makeup you put. To be concise, the details you push for. Should you have eyes for detail, this won't be a huge problem. 

Buying and slaying Halloween cosplays with Halloween Party Online

Look! I stopped because you are already overwhelmed, I know. I would have been stacking another 15-20 celebrity costumes to the list had you not been annoyed at me already.

But I will come up with another pick next week, with another list of exciting costumes for Halloween and Christmas. And this time around, I'm not stopping until my fingers bleed. Done? Ohh, wait a minute! I have a sexy nurse costume as well. I'm indeed bleeding next week if you were to have this super-sexy role play costume.

Till then! We have got you covered and so do our celebrity costumes. Get them up on yourself and slay the parties.

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