Top 8 Christmas Costumes For Women in 2021

Top 8 Christmas Costumes For Women in 2021

Christmas holidays are the most-awaited, longest, and the celebrated festive season of the year. We all eagerly wait for this festive season throughout the year. 

The Christmas festival involves various exciting activities such as shopping, the lighting & decoration, the Christmas outfits, the family and friends’ get-together, delicious meals, exchange of gifts, and lots more.

It is expected that you buy and wear the best Christmas costumes these days. Take out those pair of heels, your favorite eyeshadow palettes, and of course, the dazzling dresses. 

Because if you play your costume cards right, there are high chances that you become the heart and soul of the party. And for all these reasons it is necessary that you put on the perfect Christmas outfits.

Fret not, we have got you covered. To help you choose the right party costumes or make your task easy, we have compiled the top 8 Christmas costumes for women ideas in this article. 

All Christmas outfits in this list are not only pocket-friendly but are easy to carry for a long-hours Christmas party that will ensure that you stand out. Let’s take a look at each one.

For your convenience, we have divided the list into two parts: A) Christmas Cosplay Costume Ideas for Women, where we have listed Christmas cosplay outfits such as elf costume, reindeer costume, etc. 

In the other part– Christmas Party Costumes Ideas For Women, we have added part wear ideas such as casual party wear, club party wear, etc. Let’s take a look at each one.

A.  Christmas Cosplay Costumes For Women

Cosplay costumes during this festive season are a common sight. There are many options to try with– from Santa Claus, reindeer to elves to many more. Below we have explained a few cosplay Christmas costumes that you can try with.

1. Elf Christmas Costume For Women

Two different styles of Elf christmas costumes for women

You are obviously at the wrong party if you don’t find a dancing ladies elf at the Christmas party. Elf Christmas costumes are very popular and easy to carry. The elf Christmas outfits for women make you feel a sense of responsibility for being a Santa Claus helper. You can help bake & serve the cookies or deliver goodies to your neighborhood childrens.

The supply and accessories you need for elf women outfit are as follows:

  • Shiny sequined elf hat
  • Green color short-sleeves dress
  • Thigh-high white & red striped stockings
  • White & red striped tights
  • Black thick leather belt
  • Glovelettes
  • Ankle boots

This is a regular elf women outfit. However, if you rather want to try something sexier, replace the dress with a matching short tube top and tulle petticoat!

2. Santa Claus Christmas Costumes For Women

A girl wearing the santa claus christmas costume with a gifts bag

If you don’t want to be a helper and rather want to be a boss itself– a lady Santa Claus outfit would be a perfect option. Although Santa Claus costumes are widespread during Christmas, this should not be the reason to hold back. After all, the entire holiday season is related to Santa Claus only!

You can find women Santa Claus Christmas outfits almost everywhere– on online costume websites or at thrift stores. Below are the supply list you need for the Santa Claus look:

  • A typical Santa Claus hat
  • Red bustier top with white border on top
  • Red tulle petticoat with a white edging at the bottom
  • Black shining belt
  • Black flapper gloves
  • Black fishnet stockings

Complete the look with tall black boots and a sexy smile! It’s time to shake that damn red booty!!

3. Snowman Christmas Costumes For Women

Two various different styles of snowman christmas costumes for women

Looking for something chick? Women's snowman Christmas Costumes would be an excellent option. A bright white long-sleeved top teamed up with a white skirt is the basic attire you will need for the snowman outfit.

The complete list of snowman Christmas costume outfit for women is as follows:

  • A bright white long-sleeved top
  • A shining white skirt
  • White thigh high stockings
  • Snowman scarf
  • A pair of a big black button on top and skirt
  • A snowman top hat
  • Black stiletto shoes

An alluring and charming snow woman is ready to roll. Although, choose this outfit only if you can survive the chilling winter!

4. Reindeer Christmas Costumes For Women

Two different styles of reindeer christmas costumes for women

If you are an animal lover or want to take the responsibility of being a ‘Uber’ for Santa Claus and bringing him to the party from the north pole, be a reindeer! The reindeer Christmas Costume for women is quite simple and easy to carry. However, it looks stunning!

The list of accessories & attires you need for the reindeer look are:

  • Brown color skinny hooded pullover dress
  • White fur front panel on dress
  • Black fishnet stockings
  • Black knee-high stiletto boots
  • Curly long costume wig
  • Reindeer antlers

Enhance the look with matching makeup. But don’t overdo– keep it minimal. Make your way to the party and join your bunny buddies! Don’t forget to give a lift to Santa Claus if you found one on your way!

These were the top Christmas cosplay costumes ideas for women. Now we will learn about some party Christmas costumes ideas for women.

B. Christmas Party Costumes Ideas For Women

It is quite understandable that not everyone is into cosplay costumes. There are many people out there who would rather choose party costumes during the Christmas holidays. For those individuals, we have special suggestions too.

5. Casual Christmas Costumes For Women

Two different styles of casual christmas costumes for women

Sometimes, No dress code is the best dress code! Yes, the casual Christmas party gives you the liberty to dress whatever you like. You can wear a gown, dress, top & skirt, jumpsuit, bodycon dress, maxi dress, wrap dress or anything the hell you want. The list is endless.

Paired these outfits with a bomber or jacket. If you have chosen a t-shirt and blue denim, a denim jacket will look perfect. Likewise, if you have selected a white cropped top with skinny white jeans, a light blue blazer would be an ideal match.

It will be a little challenging to pair a jacket or blazer with a gown and dress. However, you can choose and wear whatever Christmas costumes you like as there is no party dress code. But make sure it’s comfortable and looks stunning.  

6. Formal Christmas Partywear For Women

5 Different styles of formal christmas costumes for women

If your boss has thrown a Christmas party, there are high chances that there will be a particular dress code– most probably, the formal wear. For formal party Christmas costumes, you can choose any of the ideas suggested for casual party wear.

Besides, a red hot blazer dress with chunky white sneakers would be a great choice. The sneakers would give it a casual spin. Keep the look fuss-free by avoiding jewellery and make-up. Just add a generous amount of mascara and a hint of lip gloss to complete the look. You can even opt for a red off-shoulder dress in place of a blazer dress.

Unlike casual Christmas costumes, you can pair the blazer, jackets, and bomber very easily with formal Christmas outfits. It will not only level up your look but will also save you from the chilling winter!

7. Black Tie Party Costumes For Women

An elegant black tie party costume for women

If you are going to attend the black-tie event, there are some sophisticated dress rules that you need to adhere to. For women, it’s typically a floor-long dress or gown. However, you can also opt for a printed cocktail dress, long flowing chiffon dress, or a pair of suit pants with a chick top.

Velvet, chiffon, silk, and lace are some of the preferred fabric for black-tie event costumes. Make sure you remember this. Also, although it's a black-tie event, you are supposed to wear only black color costumes. You can choose jewel tones, metallic, gold, silver, brown, etc. Just make sure that you use rich colors and not dull ones.

Also, keep the accessories and makeup to the minimum level. A black satin clutch with a jeweled snap closure or a white rhinestone beaded clutch, or a similar one will be the excellent accessory choice for a black-tie event. 

8. Club Party Christmas Costumes For Women

A good looking club party christmas costume for women and girl

There is literally no end when it comes to club party outfits for women. There are hundreds of options. Besides, you can pair and match them with one another to increase the opportunities further! Although we have some club party Christmas costumes suggestions for you.

A maroon color off-shoulder plum dress with lantern sleeve and a self-tie bowknot at the waist will look absolutely elegant! Other than maroon, any of the rich colors will suit this pattern. A sleeveless Burgundy and Brown embellished knitted maxi dress will suit the tall ladies.

Complete the look with matching heeled boots or pointed-toe pumps. Whatever you buy for club party Christmas costumes, make sure it’s comfortable to carry for long-hours and make you look gorgeous!

With this, we are concluding our list of top 8 affordable Christmas holiday costume ideas for 2021.

Bottom Line: 

Whatever cosplay Christmas costumes you choose for the festival, ensure that it’s in accordance with the party theme and looks stunning on you. If you have opted for party outfits, remember the same advice. Besides, keep your budget on track and don’t overspend. Don’t play too much with accessories and make-up. Keep it as minimal as possible. Go girl, rock the party!

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