How to Store Cosplay Costumes?

How to Store Cosplay Costumes?

Storing your cosplay costumes means sending your favorite costumes to take a nap for a while! Your cosplay costumes need a special room, not your typical wardrobe. No cramped spaces for your precious costumes, give it the VIP treatment!

Cosplay costumes are more than just your normal clothing! They are the pieces to create characters for you. Whether made from synthetic materials, fabrics, and accessories or have sparkly tinsel designs, these costumes need proper care for long-time use. In this blog, we'll give you some effective storage methods for synthetic material costumes, wigs, accessories, and even those glamorous tinsel costumes.

So let’s get started with the tips.

Identifying the Materials for Your Costume

It's important to know what materials are used to construct your cosplay costumes before going into the process of storage. Different accessories, ornaments, and fabrics need different maintenance.

Fabrics: Identify the main fabric of your costume. Common cosplay fabrics are synthetic, cotton, polyester, spandex, silk, and faux leather. Each material needs unique care and proper storage decisions.

Accessories: Any kind of accessories that come with the costume such as wigs, armor, weapons, and props. These things need special care and attention to prevent breakage or cracking.

Ornaments or Jewelry: Pay attention to accessories such as beads, needlework, and sequins. To avoid damage, these delicate ornaments or accessories might need extra care.

1. Get Rid of Unwanted Costumes

Unwanted Costumes

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Start your storing work by decluttering. If you find any cosplay costumes that are too old, don't fit you, or have something duplicates, donate or sell them. Decluttering your costumes will save space and also it will help you to cherish the remaining costumes.

2. Wash and Dry Properly Before Storing

Wash and Dry Properly Before Storing

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Keeping costumes clean is a must! Wash your cosplay costumes as per the care instructions to remove sweat, makeup, or any stains. Once clean, allow them to air-dry completely to prevent mold or mildew growth during storage.

Some costumes require drywash. Do not wash them with water or rough detergent.

3. Keep All Things Together




Accessories and props always need specialized storage techniques.

Keep wigs on wig stands or heads to maintain their shape and condition. You can also store them in big breathable bags to stop dust from forming.

Armor and Weapons are also used in cosplays. Wrap the armor in bubble wrap or soft cloth to avoid getting scratched. Store weapons separately to prevent them from getting breakage.

Do not keep cosplay accessory stuff in a different place. Keep all the costumes and props together. Keep costumes with their accessories so that you can find them easily. Keep the same type of fabric or costumes together to avoid tangles. Keep the belts, gloves, or any props in small containers or bags to ensure everything is available for your next event.

4. Tinsel Costumes Storage

Tinsel Costumes Storage

Tinsel costumes are fragile and require proper handling. Cover them with tissue paper to keep them from oxidizing. This will help to maintain the shine. To avoid friction and maintain the shine, keep them in airy clothes bags. You can also hang them in the closet, but the best way to store them is to lay them flat to avoid stretching.


When storing tinsel costumes, think about using padded hangers to avoid dents.

Stop storing tinsel costumes in areas with high humidity to prevent oxidization.

5. Use Good Boxes to Save the Space

Save the Space

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Always invest in quality storage boxes. Buy some acid-free containers to prevent yellowing or discoloration of costumes. Transparent or clear boxes are ideal for easy identification. Fold costumes properly and place them in boxes. Store accessories in smaller compartments or bags to avoid damage.

6. Avoid storing in Damp Places and Direct Sunlight

Once you've chosen your storage containers, it's time to pack your costume with proper care.

Do not store costumes in direct sunlight, especially vibrant ones. The colors of the costumes will fade away because of the sunlight. Choose a dark and cool storage area to protect them from UV rays. Also, avoid damp places cause it can lead to mold and mildew growth.

7. Sort Out Costumes at least twice a Year

least twice a Year

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Regularly check the costumes you’ve stored. Twice a year, check their condition, replace or change any damaged storage materials, and rearrange them if its necessary. This little thing will make sure that your cherished cosplays remain in good condition for future use.


Properly storing the costumes will create magic in your cosplay world. Whether they're made from synthetic materials or tinsels, maintaining some small steps will ensure your costumes are ready for their next dazzle. By decluttering, cleaning, organizing, and investing in quality storage, you're protecting your costumes. You're also protecting priceless memories and making sure that every cosplay is the same as the first.

Your costume is the star of your costume storage haven, ready to dazzle when the cosplay call comes. So zip it up, store it properly, and your costume will be ready to steal the show again and once more!


Q1: Is it okay if I store cosplay costumes in the basement?

A: It's best to avoid both extreme hot temperatures and damp environments. Choose a cool, dry, and dark space in your living place.

Q2: How do I store costumes with intricate details or embellishments?

A: For delicate costumes, use padded hangers or garment bags to prevent snagging. Avoid folding to preserve intricate details.

Q3: Can I store wigs in their original packaging?

A: While the original packaging provides some protection, using a wig stand or head and storing them in breathable containers is ideal.

Q4: How often should I check and sort my costume storage?

A: Conduct a thorough check and sort at least twice a year to maintain an organized and clutter-free storage space.

Q5: Can you use tightly sealed bags for any kind of costume?

A: Though tightly sealed bags are great for packing up extra space, they might not be appropriate for costumes with delicate costumes or accessories that can get ruined.

Q6: Can I use regular hangers for hanging costumes?

A: Yes, but for delicate costumes padded hangers are better. They help to maintain the shape of the costume properly.

If you follow these tips and tricks, your cosplay costumes will stay perfect and ready to shine at the next event. Happy cosplaying!

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