How to Throw a Despicable Me Party

How to Throw a Despicable Me Party

Despicable Me is one of the most lovable movie series of all time. Throwing a Despicable Me themed birthday party can be tons of fun for adults and kids! The fun characters and bright colors are perfect for a huge entertaining party.

Of course, every party must have a cake. A fun minion cake in the shape of the well-loved Kevin or Bob would be a great start. If you prefer cupcakes, each cupcake could be a different minion. A few jailed minions could even be included for fun. Even more fun would be having an adult dressed as Kevin or a jailed minion bringing the cake or cupcakes out to the waiting children. Yellow or blue drinks could also be served.

A game could be played with someone dressed as Balthazar Bratt, and the children each acting as a minion trying to catch the famed villain. The birthday child could even dress up as their favorite character, such as Agnes. Depending on the age of the children, another activity could be having everyone paint minion rocks. Yellow, black, and blue paint, googly eyes, paint brushes, and rocks would be easy supplies for such a fun activity. You could also create a large cardboard cutout minion with a cutout mouth for a bean bag game.

Small unicorn plushies could be wonderful gifts for the kids. There could also be some of the famed devices used by Gru and Lucy Wilde. Also, you could create a really fun “Happy Birthday” banner that is made from minions. Purchase yellow balloons and then create minion glasses to place on them for a fun minion look. Yellow cups can also have minion glasses glued on. Yellow napkins can be wrapped around blue cutlery to fit the colored minion theme.

Whatever idea you use, have a blast at your Despicable Me themed party!

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