5 Pro Tips to Wear and Care for Halloween Costume Wigs

5 Pro Tips to Wear and Care for Halloween Costume Wigs

Wigs can bring transformational change in the way you look. Especially when you want to try a new costume for an upcoming theme party or a festival, you must consider complementing the costume with a Halloween wig. Remember, even the best Halloween costumes need a wig to stand out.

Halloween wigs are capable of providing an instantaneous glow and look and are quite easy to wear and maintain. With these 5 pro tips, you can easily wear style and care without having to go to your hairdresser.

1. Get It Ready First

After you remove your packaged wig from the box, you may notice that it is all folded up. But don’t worry packaged wigs get a bit disrupted at times and can be styled accordingly.

Before wearing your respective Halloween costume wigs, it is time to get it ready first. For this, grab a hold of the wig from the inside of the wig cap. After this, shake it so that all the potentially loose wig fibers fall off. However, you may simply skip off this step if you already have a wig hanging on in your cupboard. If you have purchased a form head then you can wear that to get an easy wig styling based on your Halloween costume and wig type.

2. Styling the Costume Wig

When it comes to styling a wig, there are a lot of things one can do. If your wig has a straighter style then you may use a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb to wipe out the unnecessary and loose particles of wigs. Also one should be careful while applying heat to synthetic wigs as they are prone to melt.

For applying heat, you can use steam on the costume wig, it will not only make the hair smooth and easy to roll but will also add some more volume to it. You may use a blow dryer for adding even more volume to the wig. This is the most suitable method for styling curly mens Halloween wigs as they have shorter hair and need a heating method to look more natural and match to mens Halloween costumes.Trimming your wig can be yet another styling method however, it should be carefully done. For this, women who prefer to have bangs on their hair wig, just trim them with extra caution as it may disrupt the look.

3. Shampooing It

Shampooing wig is not required after every use however, once after a few uses, you may consider washing it with shampoo. Doing this can smoothen up the wig and erase the soil with ease. For this, put cold water in a bucket or sink wherever you want to be followed by a small teaspoon of mild shampoo in the water. Submerge the wig completely and wipe out all the dirt present on the wig and inside cap by gently rolling fingers all over the wig.


4. Wearing it for Halloween

For wearing a costume wig on Halloween to complement your favorite men or womens Halloween costumes, follow these simple steps. Firstly, distribute all your hair evenly so that there is no bulge visible while you wear a wig. If you are a woman with long braids, then tie up braids to the backside with bobby pins and everything you have in your kitty.

Next, put your wig cap on and stretch it on your pinned hair lining it over your hairline. If you are not sure of its hold, then you may tuck some bobby pins to the inside of the wig cap. Now you are ready to rock with your favorite adult Halloween costumes.

5. Time to Store

After using with your women or mens Halloween costumes, it is time to store it safely. Remember, you may require it in the future, so it is better not to put it in a trash can which a lot of people do. While storing your wig, make sure it is not wet or dirty. If it is then you can follow the above steps before putting it in storage. The best method to store a wig is to hang it in a cupboard where you put most of your styling items. You can also put it back in the original packing to store the wig. This will ensure the wig remains safe and you can wear it for the next Halloween or use a combination of two costumes on the same wig.

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