Despicable Me 3 Costume & Wigs: A Detailed Guide

Despicable Me 3 Costume & Wigs: A Detailed Guide

‘Despicable Me’ is undoubtedly one of the best animated movies to see with our friends and family. The movie has various characters like Gangster and Criminal Felonius Gru, Dru Gru, the twin brother of Felonius Gru, Lucy Wide, the wife of Felonius Gru and mother to her adopted girls Margo Edith, and Agnes and lastly minion, the signature character in the movie. Meanwhile, the movie is known for its interesting story, characters, and appealing costumes.

The funny despicable me costumes have become extremely popular with people, especially the kids who love the minion costume. There are a lot of interesting and funny costumes worn by all the characters in the movie. Let’s relive the movie once again and have a look at all the amazing costumes of all those characters.

1. Felonius Gru

Who can forget the main character of the Despicable Me series?

Previously a villain and now a jelly manufacturer, Felonius Gru is a central character of the movie that plans for the theft of the moon which was watered by Vector. Soon after this, he adopted the trio girls to fulfill his mission to steal moon and use them as pawns. But he was moved by the girls and started to be a good father. He then leaves crime but joins an anti-villain league where he meets agent and his wife in Lucy Wilde and both go on to defeat El Macho who stole PX-41 mutagen.

The Gru costume is extremely popular due to his strong and authoritative image. The long black and white scarf with black trousers and black jacket is one of the most desirable despicable Me Halloween costumes that is enough to scare the lights out of anyone on a dark night.

2. Dru Gru

Dru Gru is one of the funniest and versatile characters in the movie Despicable Me 3. He is the twin brother of Gru and a villain. After his reunion with his brother and his family; he joins them and keeps everyone on their feet with his witty, childish, and friendly behavior.

Throughout the movie, he wears a white scarf, white trousers and a white jacket which looks quite relevant to his personality full of wittiness and humor. He is a soft thug who gets nervous quite early and passes on weird but funny comments.

If you are looking for a Despicable my costume, then Dru Gru’s costume has to be on your list! You can also wear it on occasions of theme parties, official parties, and everywhere as white color quite suitable to wear at parties. Also, you can put Despicable Me 3 Dru Gru Wig as well on your shopping list to get a complete Halloween costume.

3. Lucy Wilde

Lucy Wilde used to be a rookie agent at an anti-villain league who met Felonius Gru and they fell in love. She is also the adoptive mother to Margo, Edith, and Agnes. She has beautiful green eyes that match perfectly with her dress.

She wears a turquoise spaghetti strap slip dress and a pink polka-dotted scarf. Sometimes she also wears a turquoise overcoat that matches perfectly to her dress and eyes. If you are looking for a despicable me costume, then Lucy Wilde’s blue cosplay costume might be the one you have been looking for. Add this costume and a wig identical to the original design to give yourself an original look of despicable me a killer female agent.

4. Minions

Minions are the small, yellow-colored, and single-celled creatures that are the signature character in Despicable Me series. They are known to bring comedy at frequent stages with their adorably funny language and gestures.

If you are looking for a minion Halloween costume, then you can try our minion costume and wigs. These are perfect for small kids for Halloween or themed parties and kids can also wear them at school events which will make them look even more cute and innocent just like a minion. Not only small minion costumes and wigs, but we also got you covered with adult minion costumes and wigs. You can now buy wigs and costumes for adult minion characters including Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

5. Agnes Gru

Agnes is the younger of the three girls and sister of Margo and Edith. What makes her character lovable is her innocence and personality. Her character provides her fans with a good option to buy black cosplay wigs to look as cute as her. You can also pair this wig up with an Agnes costume to look even more sweet and adorable.

If you are looking for kid’s costumes and Halloween wigs, the Agnes is a great option to add in your bucket.

Are You Ready to Wear Despicable Me Costumes and Wigs?

There are a lot of options if you are considering buying costumes for various despicable characters. Now, end your search here will cosplay wigs for your entire favorite despicable me series here.


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