What if it only took 2 minutes to dress your carnival costume? 5 DIY carnival costumes quickies

What if it only took 2 minutes to dress your carnival costume? 5 DIY carnival costumes quickies

The best thing about carnivals is costumes. The worst thing about carnivals is getting these costumes right. I mean... if only DIY carnival costumes were easy. But they aren't. They need ideas and boldness to experiment with them.

And when you've finally come around some of these ideas, the experiment doesn't work. And for all the bad ideas, the experiments work but who wants to fit in those ideas? Either way, you're caught! But… but… but! Don't you worry! I've explored some costumes over the years and would love to share my experience with you.

So I am listing down some of the coolest carnival costumes ideas that you can try at any carnival or event. It's that time of the year when you'd need this advice. If DIY carnival costumes are on your bucket list, you'd want to keep scrolling. This piece is nuts and bolts of carnival costumes. Let's check 'em out.

#1 Watermelon costume

The last-minute diy costume is the most satisfying costume. Last Halloween, I was getting late for the event... the friends were getting on my nerves. The clock was sprinting quick. It was getting more challenging for me to pursue creativity in haste. I was choking at the moment. Nothing was striking my brain... until I pulled the watermelon out from the fridge. Trust me; I'm a glutton when I'm freaked off.

Coincidentally, I was wearing a knee-length red-color frock. And the watermelon fed me the much-needed food for thought. So I opened the cupboard and unpacked two-colour velvet-9000 rolls from it. The dark green and the black colored rolls.

The idea was to make the dress look like a watermelon. So I made a long strip of green velvet and pasted it around the periphery of the dress's bottom. Then I cut black velvet into 15 large-droplet shaped seeds to paste them on the upper front and back of the frock. 

For a more watermelon-feel, you can place more seeds on your frock. It took less than 7 minutes to put myself in the biggest watermelon. You can do it too! And you can experiment with other fruits such as guavas and apples too!

Costume materials: red frock, green and black velvet, hot glue, scissor.

#2 Cereal killer costume

It's a fascinating costume I discovered accidentally. My brother's favorite kellogg's box had run short of corn flakes at the last moment. He stabbed a knife on the box and left the kitchen in anger. Such was his anger; he didn't want to dress himself up for the carnival. The little crybaby idiot was getting under my skin as he had nothing to wear. Getting super-late for the carnival parties was a crime those days.

That's when the idea hit me. I emptied all the cereal boxes and stabbed a wooden knife in each. I made sure they don't fall off. So I pasted them with hot glue. Then I slowly lifted a shirt from my brother's cupboard and put it on a flat table.

Using the hot glue, I pasted all the four Kellogg's boxes in each of the corners of the shirt's backside and then sprayed the red acrylic paint. And finally, I wrote "cereal killer" with the same paint on the backside. The way my brother deals with his anger, I'm pretty sure he'd turn into a serial killer, if not cereal. For more creativity, you can fix these boxes in front too! Be a sassy cereal killer. Not a messy one!

Costume materials: Shirt, Kellogg's boxes, Wooden knives, acrylic paint, hot glue.

#3 Disposable coronavirus suit

The idea of Halloween is to scare your fellow-hippies. Isn't it? What if shit starts getting real? Well, I got the most notorious idea for this year's Halloween carnival on my trip to the nearest hospital. Yes! I was admitted for corona symptoms, yet I couldn't resist but think of the carnival costumes.

This time around, those doctors draped in the disposable coronavirus suit had already got my attention. While they were trying to save my butt from the deadly virus, all I had in my mind was to scare the butt out of my friends. Disposable coverall suits had given me the most solid costume idea of this decade, just with a little twist.

When recovered— I went straight to buy a disposable cover suit but made the mask at home. I cut down a circular plastic board and hand-drew the coronavirus face. Then I pasted the rubber on the backside of the board to use it as a head grip. It just took 6 minutes to pull this out. Anyone who saw this costume ran faster than the animal under the prey-radar of a lion. The mission was accomplished!

Costume materials: Disposable coverall suit, Plastic board, Red and yellow sketch pen, rubber, hot glue.

#4 Bubble gum costume

This is the funniest carnival costume. Hands down! I love blowing the bubble gum. So this time, when I was chewing my famous Wrigley gum, the blow was bigger than the usual gum balloon. Seems like I had turned into an expert balloon woman.

That's when I received a text for the carnival event. The entire bubble of joy had turned into a silence of the graveyard. I was worried as my wardrobe shelves were empty. Never did I hate Halloween so much because nothing was hitting my head. I kept chewing gums after gums, blowing them up like a rabid air-blowing machine. Until... the thunder stuck.

The bubble gum gave me the simple idea for DIY carnival costumes. So I pulled out a tight full-sleeved bodycon midi from my stack. Cut a rectangular aluminium foil to lace it at the lower bottom of the dress. Then I wrote "BUBBLE GUM" on the same foil and stencilled out the words to paste them diagonally across the front of the dress.

Finally, I made two clusters of three balloons each and pasted them on my waist and shoulders to replicate the bubble. Did I forget to mention my bubble gum? Oh! I tossed more bubbles than ever to ensure they sit well with the theme. For a sexier look, I made a pink head bow with balloons and placed them with ribbons on my fountain pony.

Costume materials: Pink color bodycon midi, balloons, aluminium foil, adhesive tapes, and of course, bubble gums.

#5 Balloon costume

If your mind's a blank slate and creativity is not for you, balloon costume is the ideal carnival costume for you. Look! Not everything should reek off creativity. Sometimes, no-brainer simplicity does the job better than creativity, especially when you don't have time in your hand. Four years ago, when I had exercised all the creative potency, and my mind had gone to a deep slumber, I found this no-brainer idea.

And you won't believe it. It just takes 2 minutes to do this. Only two minutes and bam! You're into the group of Halloweeners who wasted their entire weeks selecting the carnival costumes. I was glad to have the tunnel vision break and come up with the idea for almost everyone on earth can do it.

So I took seven balloons of the rainbow color and blew them up with the pump. It seemed as if I was a mad garage owner who loves spending time alone making punctures. And that too, without any employee on the payroll. Then I pasted them all over my dress with the safety pin. No! I didn't pin the balloon. Put the pin above the balloon knot.

Now visualise me as a cluster of balloons. The only visible part was my face and the area below the belt. The upper portion was like clusters of molecules gone crazy into a chain reaction. For the final touch, I put a ribbon around my pony. And voila! The costume was ready! Could any carnival costume be any easier? And yeah! Make sure no one pokes you in the party. You don't want to run without your carnival clothes at the party. ;)

Costume materials: Balloons, ribbon, and a safety pin.

For all the lazy-hedonists: Nunique is your last-minute option

I know... I know... some of us have reached the next level of nirvana! We'd spend 70 minutes booking the carnival costumes online, but hate those 2 mins diy carnival costume recipes. But I readily understand this state of mind. Anything that sweeps away your means of happiness at that moment doesn't deserve your attention— like a diy carnival costume.

Right, my hedonist friend? Great! We fall in the same bracket. So what you do here is buy these readymade costumes with two or three simple taps on your mobile screen and ta-dah! You're ready to slay Halloween without those gluey hands and messy houses. 

Simply pick the readymade carnival costumes, select your favorite theme and color, and get it delivered right on your doorstep.

Reference link for images: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzWe3zP2Tcc

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