What anime character should I cosplay?

What anime character should I cosplay?

I've always hated anime. Not that they bore me. But then... I so much want to dress up like them, seldom do I find any anime cosplay costumes. And that breaks my heart. I'm pretty sure if you're a fan of anime, it's so much fun to become someone else for a day.

But not all good things come quickly. Not in this world, at least. There are so many anime characters you'd want to copy that picking one is more challenging than answering the jackpot question at 'who wants to be a billionaire."

But don't worry! I'm your phone-a-friend lifeline. If handpicking anime cosplay was art, I am Picasso of it. Uhh! Sorry for the self-boasting. But my selections will help you self-boast in this year's party.

So let's filter out all the garbage anime options and pick only super-exciting cosplays, so you get to nail this year's Halloween. No more asking, "what anime character should I cosplay." So what's the wait for? Keep reading!

#1 InuYasha: Long straight wig with ears

This manga series genius is all the cosplay you want. Hey, all the lean, wiry half-demon frames— looking to go full demon? InuYasha did it too. The half-demon son of a great demon father and a noblewoman was a half-breed.

Everyone mocked him, for he was a by-product of a dog and a human. But he knew how to shut pejoratives and trolls. Assume dog and human form at will with this long straight wig with ears cosplay. Become a powerful demon in your own right with these beautiful white-purple breathable capless wigs. Let your cosplay do the talking.


Size: size guide
Price: $31.5
Color: White/purple

#2 Blackcat: Superhero marvel universe long curly wig

Black Cat is the sexiest burglar you'd come across. Had I been in her town, I would lay bare, giving her all free rights to rob me solely because she loses her criminal ways every time and ends up fighting for the greater good.

If you're also brilliant with trade & tricks of burglary, the black cat marvel long curly wig will suit your personality. No, the scheme doesn't save for the burglars only, but all the heart-burglars too. Get some feline-based powers and ominous luck aura with this beautiful curly wig and use it on fellow-Halloween opponents. And yeah, don't forget to drape yourself in a sexy, black, glimmering leather suit.

Size: size guide
Price: $32.85
Color: White-Grey

#3 Trunks: Anime wig | purple TV/movie wigs

There's no harm in being cocky and stingy when you're a dragon ball Z's fan. Afterall, Trunks was one of my favorite characters from the anime—what a fantastic combination of a cocky father and a super-selfish mother. The character was ruthless yet lovable.

If you don't like giving respect to the ones you despise, you'd want to pull this anime with our purple anime wig. Why respect the ones you dislike? Simply wear this purple wig, match it up with a black long-sleeved shirt, a blue bandana, brown leather gloves, & golden boot. Finally, slay with the authentic Trunks' look. Trust me; the anime cosplay will paint you in one of the most compelling characters this Halloween.

Size: Adult
Price: $26.85
Color: Purple

#4 Howleen Wolf: monster high wig with a hat

For all the first degree troublemakers, Howleen Wolf is the best anime character you'd like to play at any comic-con or Halloween event. While everyone in your circle has found their working mojo and planned their careers, you're still puzzled deciding the hair and lipstick color for the given week. Can you relate this to yourself? Great!

And do you often get into misery and jealousy when you see yourself going on the right track? Wow! It takes guts to feel jealous of being on the track of finding yourself out. But if you do, the monster high wig with a hat will live with your personality. The anime cosplay blends well with your impulsive and inexperienced nature. So crawl out of your friend's and cousin's shadow and be something unique to yourself with quite an exclusive wig.

Size: Adult
Price: $31.85
Color: Pink

#5 Titans Raven: cosplay wig

How does it feel to originate from a parallel dimension? I often think I'm not a part of the current realm. And so does my mother. She feels she gave birth to a mysterious character in the house. Do you also think that way? If yes, the Titans Raven cosplay wig is the thing to watch out for.

All the typical modern goth females, you could be the Titans Raven of Halloween. Wear a raven's cosplay wig and sprinkle broody, Grimmy, sarcastic antics to your behavior. And voila! Your appearance and attitude will look quite similar to this dark-relatable character. And yeah, don't forget to be slightly distant and anti-social with your friends on Halloween. Afterall, Raven is a sass.

Size: Adult
Price: $26.85
Color: Purple-black



#6 Ahhh! sexy nurse role play costume

I cracked reading "a sexy anime nurse a day, keeps the doctor away" so hard that I had to introduce this Ahhh! Sexy nurse role play costume in the store. For all the flirty and little-obsessed-with-young-boys women, this anime cosplay costume will make you a sensual bomb in a dull-boring crowd of usuals.

The sexy and classy costume has a low cut neckline and red-lining front and side slits. Such is the seductiveness of the cosplay; you'd hardly need any additional makeup. The white sexy-apron, paired with a pink color wig, will make everyone drool for your injections in the event. The fabric of the dress has a comfortable feel and fall. The hat just adds to your sex-appeal.

Size: L to XL
Price: $32.85
Color: White coat with red touch and a pink wig hat

#7 Eren Yeager: attack on titan wig

Are you one of those ruthless heads who avenge other's freedoms when they try to snatch yours? Congratulations! Your traits match with Eren Yeager, the central character of the 'attack on titan.' I have something in my kitty for you: the anime cosplay of this manga character.

It makes the list because his long hair and bangs fall in a natural, curtain-style. Slightly of the middle-parted type, the cosplay wig is one of the simple yet most ordered items. To match his level of brilliance, be a hard-headed, passionate, strong-willed person with indomitable desires. Be determined enough to protect humankind and the people around you. So? Ready to possess the power of three titans this time around?

Size: Adult
Price: $26.85
Color: Black

#8 Gotenks: black & purple spike wigs

Do you break all hell loose in the face of injustice? Don't worry! You have a chance to become "the hero of justice" with Gotenks (the fusion of Goten and Trunks) cosplay spike wig. The wig is a unique mixture of the hair of both Trunks and Goten.

The fusion is smartly made by keeping the front and the back of the cosplay wig black like Goten's. On the other hand, the sides are kept purple as Trunks' hairstyle. But cosplay is not enough to pull the same as Gotenks' character. You'll have to work a bit more on yourself. Don't forget to carry the cocky, mischievous, and arrogant attitude of Goten's trunks and playful-whiny attitude. While the fusion is real between the two, Gotenks emerges as a unique power force as well.

Size: Adult
Price: $27.85
Color: Black and purple spike

#9 Goku: adult men's fighter

Ever felt like demolishing the planet earth today, and all of a sudden, you become its hero and the greatest defender? Goku was one such violent-kid turned warrior for the good of the planet. You can be Goku of your group in the coming Halloween in 2020 with this Goku's fighting orange costume.

The comfortable fit anime cosplay keeps you kind and calm as him under extreme situations. So what are you waiting for? Strive and train for earth's fiercest defender.

Get yourself inside the fighting costume, live with the spirit of Goku, and channelize your intense hostility in defending everyone around you. 

Size: S to XL
Price: $31.85
Color: Orange

So my dear readers. Keeping it concise was a tough ask. Because I love anime, and selecting a handful of them was an uphill struggle. Nevertheless, now you have a list of shortlisted options to fix your boring Halloween with non-cliched costumes. 

In case you didn't like them, you can post your favorite anime cosplay in our comments and open with us about your anime taste. Trust me; I won't judge you for weird and erotic preferences either. ;)

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