Crybabies ONLY! Our Melanie Inspired Collection

Crybabies ONLY! Our Melanie Inspired Collection

Not long ago, I was a crybaby for many! *Sobbing in the corner while I write this to you.* Uhh! I can't control my tears, friends! Please somebody help.

Bahhh! Do you think I'd say that? Cut that crap!

Life has been so hard for all of us that at one point in time, we all eventually turn-into hard-hearted bastards. Don't we? Afterall, the most emotional ones become the most ruthless ones.

Just because I got upset at things that didn't look right to me, people had the license to the label.

Isn't it amazing how everyone judges us for being true to ourselves? I'm sure you all can relate us with me on this note. But my favorite life lesson came from the cry baby who slew the world with her fictional crybaby theme: Melanie Martinez.

And what was the lesson? Never ever effing give the remote control of your life to anyone. Such was the inspiration from Melanie that I have got a whole Melanie collection of

anie costumes and Melanie wigs. So whenever I want to enjoy the childhood theme yet feel dark and mature from the inside, I try these out.

If you think you're sailing on the same boat and want to pull Melanie, you've got to try these Melanie inspired collections. 

More so if you're looking to try something exclusive this Halloween. So, looping you up for the next 5 minutes with the most exciting Melanie collection. Go on reading.

#1 Melanie Dolly Wig | Pink Bow Purple & Black Wig

A girl wearing  Melanie Dolly Wig

If you ask me for one Melanie dolly wig which never gets out of fashion: I'd pick this one. With a pink bow & bi-partitioned purple and black color hair, the wig indeed gives the feel of Melanie when she rose up to fame in 2012. Whatever your fashion statement is, this Melanie Martinez wig sits wonderfully with any of these.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored purple and black wig
Price: $15.85

#2 Singer Womens Long Wig | Wavy Pink & Black Wig

A girl wearing  Wavy Pink Womens Wig

Another classic from the vault, the wavy pink and black wig is an excellent alternative for Melanie dolly wig. As similar as it looks like the above one, the Halloween wig is a beautiful Melanie prop without a bow. I mean… if you're not a bow person and want to try a typical pastel pinkish wig, this is the hair extension you would want for the event.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored pink and black wig
Price: $15.85

#3 Curly Ponytail Wig W/ Blue Ribbons, Black & Blonde Celebrity Wig

a girl wearing Curly Ponytail Wig

You're not a Melanie fan if you don't experiment with hairstyles. Wavy, bi-partitioned may have been the classic sales, but a curly ponytail wig with blue ribbons gives an experimental look without really making a lab mouse of you. So add a little pep and fun twist to the classic curly/wavy hairstyle with this Melanie Martinez Halloween costume.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored blonde and black wig, with blue ribbon
Price: $15.85

#4 Singer Double Bun Womens Wig | Hot Pink & Black Wig

a girl wearing  Double Bun Womens Wig

Want to keep the world of imagination tied in your messy bun? I'll give you not one, but two buns to do it. The Melanie double bun women's wig is a superb-variant of Melanie's hairstyle. You have not one but two sensual crowns to kill any Halloween occasion. If you don't want to be dooming your hair with buns, try this hot pink and black colored wig. It's the MVP of the hair world.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored hot pink and black wig
Price: $15.85

#5 Adult Womens Crimped Ponytail Wig | Light Blue & Black Celebrity Wig

A girl wearing Adult Womens Crimped Ponytail Wig

Are you tired of boring Melanie Up-do's already? You can put a twist to it with the crimped effect. No, you don't have to make it. I've it ready for you in the form of an adult women's crimped ponytail wig. It's a much sexy-revised version of the regular Melanie up-do's. With the premium breathable capless cap, it is a wonderfully crinkled zig-zag design wig that upgrades your Halloween costume treasury.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored light blue and black wig
Price: $25.85

#6 Womens Singer Wig | Long Green Black Celebrity Straight Wig

a girl is wearing Womens Singer Wig

Of all the crazy hairstyles and confusions, sometimes it feels to give up and go for the simple, elegant, and long style, something that doesn't take away too much from our selective responses. Don't you feel the same? Melanie Martinez Halloween wigs also give you a straight-away option if you're bored of picking the right wig for you. And the ones with the small skull-size, the Melanie long hair just adds a perfect balance to your look.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored green and black wig
Price: $15.85

#7 Womens Short Curly Wig | W/ Large Red Bow Brown & Blonde Celebrity Wig

a girl wearing Womens Short Curly Wig

Flaunting hairstyles are too mainstream. Every celebrity does that! But Melanie is obviously not one of them. The singer wearing a large red bow over the head has other antics to draw attention. If your idea of fashion resonates with Melanie's experimental spirit, you would like to have the short curly wig with a large red bow on your head. Grab the eyeballs with the grabber bow.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored brown and blonde wig
Price: $15.85

#8 Adult Womens Wig W/ Light Pink Bows | Black & Blonde Celebrity Wig

a girl wearing Black & Blonde Celebrity Wig

Well, if everyone wears the big bow Meliene wig, no one will be unique. I mean… if everyone tries to be different, no one is different at all. So the point is, you need not have an oversized bow to hold onto someone's attention this Halloween. Our small light pink bows just around the ears look beautiful and elegant in its own might. The black and blonde bi-partitioned hair color complemented really well with the pastel bow. You don't always have to look sexier. Sprinkle some cuteness with this Melanie Halloween wig.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored black and blonde wig with light pink bows
Price: $29.85

#9 Adult Womens Double Braid Wig | Pink & Black Celebrity Wig

A girl wearing  Double Braid Wig

Did you know a single braid is a symbol of wealth, age, and rank? Well, imagine the kind of wealth and rank the double braided would bring. Melanie understands this. But do you? If you do, check this double braided Melanie Halloween costume that makes every wearer a cool-chick in the party and free of massive hair debt lingering on the head. Honestly, some hair creates a lot of nuisance in the eyes, and it is not one of them.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored pink and black celebrity wig
Price: $29.85

#10 Adult Womens Wavy Wig | Black & Pink Celebrity Wig

A girl wearing Adult Womens Wavy Wig

Don't you ask me, it's a craze-level slinky and seductive Melanie wig. Remember those animated cartoons with the heart in their eyes? It's what the wig does whenever I checkout. You can't help but keep crushing on the person who wears it. Do you know why you'd want to wear this Melanie Halloween wig? It's the best of both the worlds: straight and curly Melanie hair. While you'll always struggle with getting voluminous straight hair and taming that frizzy-curly hair, wavy Melanie Martinez wavy hair searches the middle grounds for both. It bounces, it has volume, and you barely have to keep your caring eyes on them.

Sizes: Adult
Colors: Multi-colored pink and black celebrity wig
Price: $28.85

Which one is your favorite pick?

Ohh! I know you already feel overwhelmed. Don't want to be creating an analysis paralysis hysteria for you. Yeah, yeah! I could go on and on! The crybaby Melanie has so many styles to offer, but I think you would have already selected the best Halloween pick from the above recos.

In case you need more varieties, hit the store. So by now, you know how to shut crybaby trolls! Don't you? Tell us the whimsical Melanie wig that you're choosing to answer these judgmental dolts!

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