Time traveling with iconic 80's HPO costumes & wigs for Halloween 2020

Time traveling with iconic 80's HPO costumes & wigs for Halloween 2020

I tell all of my millennial and gen Z friends: if you're looking to explore art, music, culture, drama, and creativity, hit the 80's reel. Rewind your life, turn the cassette back, get into the classic era, and you'll realize what you have missed. Don't be confused! Not that I'm an old boomer who has hit his sexagenarian now. I'm as young as you!

I say this because there's hardly any restriction on art in 2020. Again, not that I hate it; we absolutely need more artists. But there's a lot of mediocrity floating around in the name of art. Everyone is pretty much an artist today. But like any stream: there can be good artists and bad artists.

Uhhh! Pathetic of me. I'm chronic with detracting from the main point. So the point is, if you don't know what Halloween costumes and Halloween wigs will suit you this time around, our epic cosplay wigs from the iconic 80's vault will help you explore the legends of the 1980s.

Ohh, you're too young to know the 80's characters. Don't worry! We'll time travel to the iconic '80s through my lens. So are you ready?

#1 Bob Ross: painterly afro wig and beard set

A boy wearing Bob ross wig

When you were in your Huggies in the '90s and 2000's— one man had already lived the time of his life. I'm talking about Bob Ross. In fact, the panting genius must have departed by the time you were born. So what made him the legend? Well, his afro-looking fluffy hair. No, he didn't grow it out of interest, but he wanted to save money on his haircut.

So if you're planning to save money on cheap costume wigs, you need to be Bob Ross of your party. The wig never gets out of fashion. And the quality will keep your money from flying. One simple way to pull out his persona is by buying our comfortable adjustable wig cap. On that note, don't forget to add a soft and hypnotic voice, because people couldn't ever get rid of the hairdo guy's voice. God promise! Ask your parents.

Sizes:Varying sizes
Colors: Plenty of palettes to choose from
Price: $19.85

#2 80's disco diva party wig

A women wearing 80's disco diva party wig

Disco was a luxury in those days. The urban nightlife scenes and the subculture had begun to take over the typical culture. But anyway, it was an expensive and fun luxury to have. Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Cindy Lauper were the faces of divas. And they made it all worked out with the armory of great suits and their eye-grabbing wigs.

Hello Marthas and Jonas! You don't need a time machine to pull these characters. You can revisit the time with our 80's disco diva party wig. The wig is breathable capless that lets you trot through their battle shout tagline, "the girls just wanna have fun." So what're you waiting for? Buy the effing fun at cheap rates!

Sizes:Varying sizes
Colors: Red
Price: $29.85

#3 Adult men's 80's suit costume | purple cosplay costume

A man wearing  80's suit costume

The era of the '80s was called the decade of excess; what everyone wore reflected their professions. The heavy metals, the hip-hops, the Jacksons— they all were opposite genres trying to meld into everyone's social life. But one thing that united every one of them was adult men's 80's suits.

Open jackets and suits, the loosely-fitted garments, breathier fabrics, lighter suits, and pastel colors all added to the brilliance of not-so-complex-yet-elegant fashion of the '80s. Fortunately, our 80's suit costume has a complete set of jackets, shirts, and baggy pants that will eventually make you the rage of the Halloween event. If you're planning to drape yourself in that look: get a button-down oxford shirt, cuffed pants with loafers and polo shirts, and you be the gentleman of the decade.

Sizes: L to XL
Colors: Purple cosplay costume
Price: $36.85

#4 Pennywise: scary bald clown men's wig collection

A man wearing  scary bald clown men's wig

I'm sure you know the red-haired clown from Stephan King's IT. Yeah, the movie that came a few years ago. Again, the novel on which it was based was written in the '80s. The artists of the 80's never failed to impress, not even when they're scaring the hell out of us. Scary bald clown, Pennywise, is the creepiest clown from the sewer whose favorite food items are children.

If you don't like kids haggling around you, or share the same creepiness as the clown, try our scary bald clown men's wig. It's one of the best horror costumes for freaking out those tiny-minis and turning into their worst nightmare. So prepared to feed on anything that crosses your path? The scary costume wig will take you to places, including your home, the sewer. ;)

Sizes:Varying sizes
Colors: Multiple colors
Price: $29.85

#5 80's rock star dark purple wig: the wicked costume

A boy wearing 80's rock star dark purple wig

Every… male… rockstar… had… a… long… hair… in the 80's. The budget they spent on spraying their long hair was unthinkable. I mean… you and I won't spend so much on our hair today. You can say: the hairstyle kept their sales registers ringing. The audience gathered to check out on hair, colors, and costumes more than the music. Any concert or event; you'd find them experimenting.

In any case, if you're an experimentalist, so to speak, 80's rockstar dark purple wig is a brilliant wicked costume fit specially catered to meet your needs. The breathable cap wig copies the premium hairstyle of classic rock stars, and guess what, you aren't spending as these legends did. It's a one-time investment, and you can show up the same every Halloween. Such is the quality!

Sizes: Varying head sizes
Colors: Purple cosplay costume
Price: $29.85

#6 80's mullet disco-punk rocker wig

A man wearing 80's mullet disco-punk rocker wig

Today, you're either an artist or a business. There's no in-between! But the '80s had its charm. Business in the front. Party animal at the back. And that's how everyone dressed and made their hairstyles too! They knew how to find the middle-grounds. And that was quite visible in the way they styled. The hairstyle that drew everyone's attention like a wildfire was Mullet hairstyles back then. The men who didn't care of themselves separating from the crowd, and who also didn't take themselves seriously opted for the hairstyle. 

If you share the same traits, I tell you, this is what you need to revisit the 80's. Of course, you can't have the same hairstyle, so we have a ready mullet disco-punk for you. Place it on your head, and time travel. The wig is surprisingly flattery! Annnd! The bonus is, it goes fantastic with all the face shapes. So don't feel afraid to stray from the crowd and kill the Halloween event with a mind-boggling 80's revisit.

Colors: Varying colors
Price: $31.85

The final 80's visit, living a classic life with classic wigs and costumes

Oh, I really feel nostalgic while writing this to you! It feels as if I'm in the '80s, and the clocks have stopped moving. Thanks to HPO's old classic wigs and costumes. If you're a 70's or 90's guy, you'd still like to hit the store. Trust us, we can't build time machines for you, but we can surely recreate every decade as close as possible for you.

Living in history has never been so easy! So reach our historic vaults, grab the handpicked props, and slay any event as you like. Cheers!

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