Fantastic Fantasy Wigs and Costumes for 2020

Fantastic Fantasy Wigs and Costumes for 2020

You saw a web series/movie and guess what— you're high on it! You can't stop discussing your favorite character of the show (and trolling the worst character too...) with your friends.

A few months later, your friends are irritated because there seems to be no end to the theme, sets, wigs, costumes, and characters' talks. What do you do to fix their irritations? How can you annoy them less?

Well, we say— why do you have to get over it? You don't fix your friends' irritations! Instead, you multiply with wearing fancy themed Halloween wigs and Halloween costumes of these characters on Halloween.

If you can't double the irrational irritation of your friend— are you even a friend?

Don't worry! We'll help you enjoy the sweet luxury of irritating your friends with our fantasy-themed costumes. Never let the character out of you for a second! Live the theme, live the role, nail the Halloween.

Here're some of the Halloween costumes and Halloween wigs that you need to showcase your love towards virtual characters that you never want to get out of.

1. Game Of Thrones Theme

If you're a fan of this legendary American fantasy drama, we're sure you're not out of it yet. A very few series keeps you at the edge of the seat like GOT does, and we assume you'd love to play its characters with our game of throne cosplay. Here's our top GOT cosplay and costume picks for the coming Halloween.

(i) Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Wig:

A boy wearing jon snow wig

ho wouldn't fall in love with one of the most beloved characters, Jon Snow? If you want to experience all the magic and mysticism and legitimately claim the throne of Halloween party, you need to add this game of throne cosplay in your arsenal. It's a black-curly breathable cap that might help you bring salvation to the world, Jon!

(ii) Game Of Thrones Dragon Queen Wig:

 a girl wearing Dragon Queen Wig

The character of Dragon Queen has a massive emotional connection. Do you want to drop such a mesmerizing connection on Halloween? The blonde wavy cosplay wig gives you a reliable, challenging, and intense Khaleesi look to extend your persistence against brother's cruelty. Eyeing to claim the iron throne on Halloween?p

(iii) Game Of Thrones Dragon Queen Blue Cosplay Costume:

Game Of Thrones Dragon Queen Blue Cosplay worn by a women

You can't get into Daenerys's details without her blue dress with a cloak. The striking blue color is the power color at Dothraki Halloween. The expensive blue pigment presents a stunning imperial brilliance amid the fellow-Halloweeners. Present your powerful image with a gown top closer to a man's cut.

2. Star wars

Oh, this American space-opera drama never gets out of trend. It has only gotten famous since 1977. What makes this film special even among the Gen Z? Without a hint of doubt— its variety of costumes that caught the world by surprise in its time and continues to do so! We're sure you'd love Star War fairytale wigs and costumes to brighten up any occasion.

(i) Star Wars Princess Leia Wig:

A girl wearing princess leia wig

Princess Leia— a forced-sensitive character of the movie— the galactic problem-solver— the leader of the galactic civil war— is no less than an epitome of intellect and beauty. But her signature bun coiffure, the doughnut hairstyle, added the most to her personality. Should you wish to impersonate the dress-up doll, get yourself a Leia Brown Fairytale Wig and look like wearing huge headphones around your ears.

(ii) The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Costume:

a boy wering jedi costume

Become a Jedi master and be a tough rebel in your group with the last Jedi Luke Skywalker costume. Inject an air of strong headedness, impulsivity, kindness, calmness, and compassion draping yourself with Luke's fairytale costume. Should you want to get better of anyone who likes to put Leia on the dark side, it's the Last Jedi Costume that will get you going.

(iii) Star Wars Force Awakens Rey Costume:

A girl wearing Force Awakens Rey Costume

And I.. I am the Jedi! If you can't get over the Star Wars' real-resistance, you need to adorn yourself around Force Awakens Rey Costume this Halloween. Awaken all your force power and resist all the dark warriors and enjoy the title of Jedi Knight. Blend Rey's heart and braveness, heroic and benevolence with your costume to legitimately touch people with genuine warmness and pull the people from the dark side to the light side.

Monster high is the best high school you could ever dream of! Who studies dragonomics and mad science? And what about its fangtastic enrolls, the ones who come from all realms and walks of life. You think of a character, and that attends the monster high. Vampires, Ghosts, Sea Monsters, etc. everyone accepts different qualities and makes friends. If you want to be a part of this monster school, you got to go for our cosplay and costumes such as monster High wig.

(iv) New Monster High Electrified Ari Wig:

A girl wearing High Electrified Ari Wig

Ari Hauntington is a ghost who can disguise herself as humans. But our New monster electrified Ari wig can help disguise your human into a ghost. If music runs in your vein and if you want to pull the rocker-styled ghoul, the breathable wig shall help you achieve your objective with lots of color-brilliance in Halloween. The long wavy purple hair braided across both the temples and going past your waist should attract major eyeballs at the party.

(v) Monster High Electrified Draculaura Wig:

A girl wearing Monster High Electrified Draculaura Wig

Hello, the pampered vampire! If crying is your forte, and getting sad with obstacles is your expertise— monster high Draculaura wig shall go well with your touchy and softy's heart. The long black hair with pink-streaks and loads and loads of pigtails should flair-up your physical appearance in the party full of other monsters. Add up vampire fangs, bows, and ribbons to give yourself a gossip ghoul look.

(vi) Monster High Howleen Wolf Wig With Hat

A girl wearing Howleen Wolf Wig

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