How To Throw A Pokemon-Themed Party?

How To Throw A Pokemon-Themed Party?

Ever since the inception of the Pokemon Universe, there’s hardly a soul that hasn’t heard about it or hasn’t dreamt of being a part of it. I, for sure, was so involved with the game, the anime, the cards, and the tiny figurines that I never thought of getting rid of those even after growing older. I suppose you can easily say I was obsessed with it!

The funny thing is that just like me or you, even your kid is probably a huge Pokemon lover and wants to be a part of that world (I am sure you are thinking of all the times your kid has cried to play more of Pokemon Go!). It would’ve surely crossed your mind to throw your little one a Pokemon-themed birthday party!

How can you plan and execute this mega-interesting party that the kids would remember for years to come? What’s crucial while planning a Pokemon-themed party is to create the atmosphere of the Pokemon Universe, which entices children and keeps them occupied for a good couple hours.

Here are a few things you can do to make your Pokemon party a huge hit!

1. Select a sub-theme

The magic of the Pokemon theme is that its vastness will leave you with a lot to experiment with. You can have the Pokemon ball the focus of the theme and add a hint of it to all the party elements.

The idea is to transform your space into a Pokemon training center with the decor in red, black, and white, following the theme of a Pokemon ball. You can play around with that theme while picking out balloons, cake, goodies, etc.

The party can have the cosplay theme with kids dressed up as their favorite Pokemon. You can dress up in adult Pokemon costumes or play the role of Pokemon trainers, along with the help of a few other parents, and come up with activities around it.

2. Decorations to bring the Pokemon Universe to Life

Whatever theme you choose, the decor will be fun to do since Pokemon is a popular theme, and it will be easy to find party decoration items. Most people enjoy the Pokemon ball theme since it’s easy to execute it. Most gift stores around your house will have Pokemon merchandise for parties.

You can play around with the color theme of red, white, and black. You can easily find balloons in those colors. You can also find supersize Pokemon balloons - you can pick out a few favorite Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Eevee, Oddish, etc.

You can set up photo booths with adults dressed up in Pokemon cosplay costumes (I am sure this will have the kids excited) for the kids to take pictures with. You can include these pictures as a part of the goody bag.

3. Add fun with Pokemon Cosplay

One of the easiest ways to make the party fun is by having fun with Cosplay. Ask the parents to dress up their kids as little Pokemons, and the adults can dress up as Pokemon trainers. That, with the training center decor, would be perfect for making the party a huge hit!

Make sure that your costume isn’t incomplete without wigs. Wear colored Pokemon wigs (a perfect prop as Halloween wigs as well) to match the characters in the unusually interesting Poke-universe! If you want to dress up like a true Pokemon fan, you can try out this cute yellow Pichu wig (who doesn’t like Pichu?)

If you want people to follow the cosplay theme and be a little experimental, you can prepare a gift box (obviously, with Pokemon merchandise) and have a giveaway at the end for the best dressed.

4. Pokemon-themed activities

An absolute favorite for kids! Planning activities that kids find interesting enough is difficult, but when it is Pokemon-themed, it becomes a cakewalk. You can draw inspiration from the game, Pokemon Go.

Hide Pokemon figures wrapped in gift paper, or you can hide Pokemon balls (you can fill the balls with chocolates or small goodies) throughout the house. Kids love this game since they get to play a real-life Pokemon game with their friends. And because you gotta catch ‘em all!

Another hit is ‘Pin the tail on Pikachu.’ You can find the tail image online and have it printed out for ease.

You can also have the kids make their Pokemon ball. Just place art supplies in a corner (which is far away from the food table), and when they are tired playing your version of Pokemon Go, they can have a relaxing time making their Pokeball! What’s amazing is, they can take it home and forever treasure it!

5. Poke-food for the Party!

Who wouldn’t like a pizza that looks like the Pokemon ball, pepperoni in one half, and cheese on the other? Even if kids don’t notice (since they would be too hungry), it will satisfy you for planning food too to match the theme. Don’t forget olives to make the black strip!

The Cake - this has to be the most exciting part of the party. Make sure that the birthday boy/girl loves it! The best idea is to make the cake in the shape of your kid’s favorite Pokemon. That will have him/her jumping about in delight! If that’s a little difficult, you can always make it look like the Pokeball. Easy and amazing!

You can also try naming dishes using Pokemon names, like Pikachu Pizza, Charizard Chips, Froaky Fruits, etc. It’s just to add a little element to the party!

People tend to remember special days forever, even if they are young. To make your kid’s day special, planning it in a way that they remember forever will undoubtedly pay off! Also, who doesn’t love Pokemon?

While the kids enjoy the party and create memories for themselves, wouldn’t it be great to take the parents on a nostalgic trip back to their childhood days?



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