THE BEST OF 2020 - our top sellers and fan favorites for 2020

THE BEST OF 2020 - our top sellers and fan favorites for 2020

Momma Earth is scaring the hell outta everyone this year. 2020 is no less than Halloween for her, and of course, for all of us! It's finally October now, and we have stepped in our favorite month of excitement. Yes, it was June a few days back, but the way the year has passed— October seems today.
Fuggedaboutit! Let's not talk about months. It's never a wrong time to talk about Halloween and party costumes— as it's the day that both males and females, children and adults, rich or poor, share similar excitement.
And whether you want to attend Halloween treats or apply some tricks— they are never complete without dresses and appealing costumes. With so many trends and movies catching up, you must be having a hard time crunching the best costume & costume wigs; and weighing options among them.
Fret not! Our top 10 sellers will filter your buying options. Pick your guards long before the season. Finally, 'when they play Halloween, you slay Halloween!' Keep reading to find out more.

#1 Furry Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

 A person wearing  Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

If you're quick on your toes— faster than sound (not literally but you get the gist)— can't stand against injustice and staunchly defend freedom— you need to wrap yourself around Sonic costume. Yes, Sonic the hedgehog costume depicting the naughtier yet empathetic side of you.

Covered with a cobalt blue synthetic furry dress and highly-ventilated capless mask— you will play around like the wind— cheer the party with your free-spirited and adventurous aesthetics— and inject an air of benevolence among every other Halloween associate.

Sizes available for Sonic Halloween Costume: Small to extra large

Price: $120.85

#2 The Addams Family Cousin It Wig

A person wearing  Addams Family Cousin wig

If your IQ breaks thermometers and only gibberish legend decoded your savage talks— you would want to hide underneath Addams family Cousin It Wig. The long Cousin It wig hides your diminutive, introvert character and brings out a terribly funny side of your boring-self.

Cover yourself with attached hair, spruced hat, and rounded glass to find your humorous eureka moment among the fellow spookies. Let the inner humor-scientist construct an enjoyable Halloween environment and crack everyone up anonymously.

Sizes available for Cousin It Wig: Adult.

Price: $49.85

#3 Bob Ross Wig— a small Afro cosplay

A man wearing bob ross wig

Like saving money on haircuts? The prolific artist Bob Ross loved it. His lookalike small afro wig with a full beard and mustache sets will carry an enigma of his stardom in your Halloween party.

With the frizzy hairstyle— give the surrounding a new wing to ubiquitous meme culture & endorse the words of the genius himself. Impersonate the master by sprinkling a little of these ingredients— humble personality, distinctive hairstyle, open-necked shirt, and jeans, and voila! Let Bob Ross bubble out of your inner-self— no matter how bad an artist you're.

Sizes available for Bobs Burgers Wig: Adult

Price: $31.85

#4 Adult Men's King of Tigers and Lions Exotic Zookeeper Mullet

A man wearing Lions Exotic Zookeeper Mullet

Nothing goes perfect for a self-absorbing personality than long curly adult tigers and lions exotic zookeeper mullet. The Halloween wig would surely rub any line between you and Joe Exotic himself— and people at the party will watch at you with morbid fascination.

Flaunt being a prominent 'big cat owner' and radiate your bizarre charisma to grab some fond eyeballs. Don't forget to act melodramatic. Manipulate everyone with your psychological gimmicks— after all— your grandiose sense of self-significance and desire for unlimited admiration will put you close to the entertaining Joe.

Sizes available for Zookeeper Mullet Wigs: All

Price: $34.85

#5 Adult Women's Troll Costume Wigs

A girl wearing Troll Costume Wigs

Hello lady, the crowned queen of the Trolls— dress up as the leader of the Snack Pack in Princess Poppy costume wig. Stand out with a unique head and hairstyle, not shared by any of your Halloween trolls.

Having a blue dress with a green floral hem and headband— this could be the perfect fit if you're looking to burn the Halloween stage. Practice your naivety and helpfulness rather than smartness and lack of empathy to pull out the beautiful character of Princess Poppy. Become the talk of the troll town with mother-daughter duos costume.

Sizes available for Troll Costume Wigs:Small to extra-large

Price: $24.85 to $37.85

#6 Women's Trolls Red And Black Mohawk Barb

A women wearingBlack Mohawk Barb

Do you say, "Nah! Too much positivity in Halloween is toxic. Let's test some negative antagonists?" Well, Queen Bard— the queen of the rock trolls will define your negative shade a lot more distinct from others at the party.

The trolls' bright hair red and black mohawk barb wig with your zealous hard rock excitement will easily set you against the Halloween tribe. Turn everyone "rock zombies" around you with your insidious plans and have dominating fun in the Halloween world with your muddier-pink cosplay wig.

Sizes available for Mohawk Troll Barb Wig: Adult

Price: $26.85

#7 Brown Balding wig

a boy wearing  Brown Balding wig

Well, everyone's going with long hair cosplay wigs. Thinking it's too mainstream? You're right! Afterall, Halloween is about showing your spookier side, not the beautiful one. Show your worst-looking-self with a brown balding wig and give Halloween its real meaning.

>100% cruelty-free balding wig is designed for comfort fit and draws the funny-prodigy out of you. Become a laughing stock at the party and tell them— "my bald head is cuter than your bad haircut and hair wig." Destruction level: infinity!

Sizes available for Brown Balding Wig: Adult

Price: $26.85

#8 Melanie Wavy Wig

a girl wearing Melanie Wavy Wig

Make your hair the signature part of your artistry— no, not by bleaching your hair like Melanie Martinez. She apparently damaged all her hair in the pursuit of different colors. However, our pre-designed Melanie wavy wig will throw away the need to experiment with your hair-color yet give a sense of uniqueness among Halloween throngs.

Pick your favorite Melanie hair-performance, and we have that in our kitty— from the Dollhouse era with a large chunk of pastel pink to Blonde and Black's light-brown strands— regulate your hair color and break the sexiness gauging meter this Halloween.

Sizes available in Meleanie Wavy Wig: Adult

Price: $28.85

#9 Glamour Neon Fuch/sia Wig

a girl is wearing neon Fuchsia Wig

If 100 best sexy breathless capless wigs were compiled in a magazine— Glamour Neon Fuchsia would end up the poster page. The self-smoothing and trendy luminosity of the hair carpet is second to none for Halloween.

With a heck of an impressive color brilliance on this cruelty-free wig, you will get an easy match to your nail paints and character of rare distinction at the party. Neon hair color characteristics will turn-up your mane looking wild, and your friends will be hooked up with its vividness for the years to come.

Sizes available in Neon Fuchsia Wig: Adult

Price: $29.85

So, who ya mowing down with your idiosyncratic brilliance this Halloween? We're already your fan! Trust us.

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