How to Make your kid a Sonic the Hedgehog

How to Make your kid a Sonic the Hedgehog
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Does your free-spirited, "like the wind" kid never seem to stop— especially in the face of injustice among his friends? Is he the one who wouldn't hang back helping others, but also make crude jokes on his friends with a strange sense of humour?

Congratulations! You officially have Sonic the Hedgehog in your family. Apart from serving his favourite palatable savouries— chilli dogs and gumballs— you want him to dress in the famous British Comic Character suit keeping up with the 'Halloween's" joneses.

But despite making your mind, are you struggling to find the perfect size for your kid in the pre-made body props and costume wigs? Have you been rummaging around only to find quality that doesn't meet your needs?

Don't worry! We will help recreate your all-round, fun-loving kid into a hedgehog who will turn heads in his fancy dress or Halloween competition.

We'll teach you to make the costume with minimal products at hindsight and master bootstrapping the sonic dress.

Make your kid the famous blue sonic hedgehog that everyone loves.

Perfect for kids of any age— boys or girls— Toddlers, preschoolers, or tweens— our Sonic costume making method will create an eye-catching suit that goes well with any themed event or occasion and work great when you want to create something doozy for your child in no time.

So, without any further delay— let's make your kid grab as many eyeballs with his antique sonic serenity.

Pay attention— "Fabrics doesn't make exquisite dresses; it is the stitches."

So, you must have understood it by now. Fabric or no fabric— you need to know the art of sewing.

Sorry! We don't intend to scare you off. You don't have to be the best Needleman (woman) to make the costume.

Basic sewing patterns on the sewing machine with some hand sewing techniques are enough to make you the right candidate for creating your suit. And yes— your grandparents will be proud of your sewing skills.

Designing the main sonic costume suit— pick your favourite fabric

Pick your favourite fabric

To design the main jumpsuit— you'll have to begin with selecting the cobalt blue pigmentation cloth.

That's right! The makers of the game say that the hedgehog has blue shielding because it runs at supersonic speed and the colour depicts smooth-swiftness.

Fleece, furry, or velvet— any cobalt blue cloth material in your cupboard would do.

Go for fleece if you want a soft-fuzzy woollen fabric with distinct vibrancy compared to any other material.

The quality fur knitted fabric is also an excellent substitution for real animal fur. Ironically, you can use the human-made knitted fur to make your child the hedgy animal anime at a little cost.

To avoid warmer fleece and fur, you can pick velvet for the jumpsuit. It's soft, thin, smooth, & elastic, and brings elegance with comfort on the table. However, you need to pay proper attention to maintain its shape and beauty.

Make a velcro tab on your selected blue rectangular piece. Place it at the top of the jumper and shut off the top to match the blue.

Selecting light brown or off-white coloured tummy piece

If you have seen Sonic closely— his off-white/light brown-coloured tummy blends brilliantly with the cobalt blue jumpsuit.

Try replicating the same colour on the costume.

Mostly, your blue jumpsuit will not have the pattern. You will have to make eyeball cutting by folding the cloth and attach the central piece at the heart of the blue fabric. Stitch with brown zippers to match the area.

Brown-coloured velvet patches with fur/fleece blue coating give a good variance on the stomach— signifying plainness in that area. You can use the same fabric if you want to maintain fabric consistency.

Making the white-coloured fluffy sonic socks

Sonic wears gleaming white-coloured fluffy socks that give his power sneakers a great flair and his overall look an eye-catchy versatility.

You can make it easily without having to go through any intricate pattern. Get your fleecy material and cut it in two identical rectangles.

The size of your rectangle depends on the sock-size of your child. Since we have to add a fluffy-flair— we recommend you to have them cut at 30-50% size of your kid's socks.

For example, cut the identical rectangle pieces— each having a height of half a foot and width about afoot.

Make a ring by stitching the ends of the cloth piece. Keep ½ inch margin on top and bottom to fit the elastic and sew it once fit. It's elastic that makes the socks look fluffy.

Pumping life in the "Power Sneaker" shoes

Sonic's distinctive power lies in his shoes. It's his Power Sneaker that prevents high-friction and heat climbing up his to feet running at supersonic speed.

To make the Sonic's red colour shoe— pick a splat wood and cut them in 4 pieces (sleek rectangles)— each bearing length of 8 inches and breadth of 2 inches.

Cut four white fleece rectangles as the same size of the splats. Paste them one by one on these splat pieces using a strong adhesive.

To add the buckle— paint gold puffy squares on the outer side of each splat instead of searching for the real gold-coated buckle.

Get your red fleece or velvet and give it a shoe look, & sew and paste the splat pieces on shoe-shaped cloth pieces.

Again, do a ½ inch seam on top of the shoe and thread some elastic through it that sits tight and comfortable on the ankle.

Stitching the pair of gloves and Sonic hat— the final sew in the cosplay costume.

Hat and gloves can be a bit tricky if you make them. So, you can always buy pre-built Sonic hats and gloves.

But if you can't find anything healthy that matches your costume— nothing is better than resorting to stitching. Again, we'll pick white & cobalt blue fleece to make a pair of white gloves and Sonic hat respectively.

Use a jester hat pattern to streamline Sonic's spike-lookalike costume.

Want to get rid of all the sewing headaches and create a hedgehog out of your kid? Get the best Halloween costume here!

We get your frustration. Who on earth sews in 2020 when you've got brands promising customized-size cosplay costumes? Absolutely!

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They will sharpen your kid's capabilities and feed him the booster to travel at the speed of the sound.

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