Couple Halloween Costumes You Must Try This Valentine's Day 2021

Couple Halloween Costumes You Must Try This Valentine's Day 2021

Valentine's day 2021 is almost here– maybe, the first global festival of the new year. The V-day is now celebrated worldwide, be it the USA, Europe, Africa, Middles East, or the Asia Pacific– most of the countries celebrate this festival of love with so much enthusiasm.

The couple exchange love letters, present each other with memorable gifts, cook together, and wear couple Halloween costumes or matching costumes, among other activities.

Although Valentine’s day couple costumes are available in the market just like Halloween couple costumes, finding the perfect pair of couple costumes is the most tiresome task. And the task becomes more annoying and challenging when both of you have entirely different tastes for outfits and fashion.

But, not to worry! We are here to help out all such couples! We have compiled the list of the top 6 couple Halloween costumes that you must try this Valentine's day! Be assured that all these costumes are stylish, comfortable, and affordable.

Couple Halloween Costumes Idea #1

For Women: Fashionable Floral Dress

Floral dresses are always in demand– be it valentines day or Halloween. It looks perfect on almost every woman. Although it is available in a range of colors, we suggest that, for Valentine's day, you choose the red color only because, after all, it is a color of love! If you want to show some skin, prefer a V-neck floral dress with puffed short sleeves. We know it's not a Halloween couple costume, though it is a good option.

Complete the look with matching heels. Don't add too much makeup. Just a red lipstick would do the perfect job. If you are well aware of Halloween couple costumes, the selection task for valentines costumes will become much easier for you.

A women wearing floral dress

For Men: Classic Casual Wear

For men too, Valentine's day is an excuse to step up their style game. The casual look is always a good option and is easy & affordable. You will not need to buy too many accessories or outfits for this look. All you will need is a lovely white T-shirt, Neat Jeans, a leather jacket and a good pair of sneakers. You can replace the Jeans with sweatpants and a Jacket with a sweater if needed.

Just like the couple Halloween costumes, make sure the outfits match and complete each other.

For the accessories part, just wear a nice watch. You are ready for a perfect valentine's date! Don't forget the beautiful rose!

A man sitting at the stool in a classic casual wear

Couple Halloween Costumes Idea #2

For Women: Red Sleeveless Jumpsuit

If you want to make yourself feel more comfortable and have fun, a breezy jumpsuit would be a perfect idea. If you have a skinny figure, a jumpsuit will look better on you. It will enhance your sex appeal and allow you to showcase the perfect figure you are gifted with! Achieve the perfect look by wearing matching heels or boots.

In case you have a red velvet jumpsuit in the wardrobe, or you have already bought it for Halloween couple costumes, no need to buy it once again. You can happily use them for Valentine's day too.

We suggest, don't add too many accessories. Just a nice metal wristwatch would be more than enough. For the makeup part, a little eyebrow makeup and powder red lipstick are good to go.

For Men: Stylish Stud Look

We totally agree that men's fashions are not as extensive as women's fashion. Men have comparatively fewer choices than women when it comes to dressing up. But still, we can make some of the best outfits from whatever available. We believe the stylish look for Valentine's day date is indeed a good idea. Your date will definitely go gaga over you in this look.

You just need to take care of everything you used to care about while buying a couple of Halloween costumes.

So what will you need for the stylish Valentine look? A sharply cut navy blue suit. If you don't have one in this color, you can try other colors as well, including light gray or black. Ensure that you keep your look as classic as possible.

Don't add too many accessories. Just a pair of matching lace-up shoes or oxford shoes will do the perfect job. For hands, we recommended a stylish sports watch.

We are very much sure that the jumpsuit for your girl and stylish look for you will certainly make a perfect couple Valentine's day costumes. Besides, if you have an experience buying Halloween couple costumes, this task will certainly become easy for you.

A man in a Stylish stud look

Couple Halloween Costumes Idea #3

For Women: Go All-Black!

Do you think black is not the right color for Valentine's day? We believe otherwise. Black outfits suit every occasion. This Valentine's day, try wearing black from head to toe. All the outfits required for this look are: A neat black T-shirt, Double breasted long coat, Black track pants with a relaxed fit, and black & white sneakers.

If you have Halloween couple costumes & accessories in your wardrobe, you can use them too in case needed.

If you don't have a long black coat or the weather is not coat-worthy, try a black hoodie. Upgrade the look with a black cap and a studio bag. Try a slight makeup with a brick red lipstick.

In case you want to experiment with new hairstyles, we suggest short wig styles, as they are in trends nowadays.

A women in an all black costume

For Men: Go All-White!

It is necessary that both of you have a matching outfit. If your sweetheart is going all black, you should try all white! A head-to-toe white ensemble can be positively thrilling. So, if you're confident enough to go completely colorless, why not try this simple yet statement style?

Make sure that your outfit perfectly matches your girlfriend's valentine outfit just like the couple Halloween costumes.

Cover yourself into a white hat at the top to white boots at the toe! Even with these single color outfits, you can try many looks such as Casual white look, Formal white look, party white look, etc.

But considering the all-black look for your girl, we would suggest a causal white look for you. For this look, you will need a pair of white jeans or sweatpants, a white T-shirt or a shirt, and sneakers. If the temperature is low, add a white jacket to complete your look!

Make sure you keep things simple and comfortable.

We are sure that your experience of donning Halloween couple costumes will come handy here.

A men in a white t shirt, jeans and sneakers

Couple Halloween Costumes Idea #4

For Women: Sexy Satin Dress

Satin dresses are always in demand for date nights. These dresses are shiny, soft, and elastic with a beautiful drape. The perfect-fitting dress adds an oomph factor to the person's personality and makes them look sexier. This Valentine's day, experiment with a slit satin dress with cowl neckline, spaghetti straps, and a sheath silhouette.

If you have bought a satin dress as your Halloween couple costumes, feel free to use them for valentines too. No need to buy a new one.

If you are comfortable with some skin-show, you can go for a deep neckline to make your boy go on his knees. Elevate the look with matching high heels, an evening bag, and a flirtatious smile!

A women in a sexy red satin dress

For Men: Gentleman Look!

We are confident that the stylish look mentioned above will go great with your partner's satin dress look. However, if you want to ditch the suit and try something different yet simple, we have options too. 

Try a gentleman look. It's simple, comfortable, and will definitely look great! To get into this look, you will need a formal blue shirt, beige or off-white color pants, and a matching tie. We all know that roll up shirt sleeves look sexy and elevate the look, so why not try this? Roll up the sleeves upto below the elbow.

Complete the look with a leather belt, niche sports watch, and matching boots.

Unfortunately, none of your Halloween couple costumes will be useful for this look.

A men in a Gentleman look

Couple Halloween Costumes Idea #5

For Women: Fresh Funky Look

If you are a lazy person or don't want to invest much time and energy in finding a perfect valentines day outfit, we have an excellent costume idea for you. Go funky! If you have a personality like a tomboy or able to carry a funky look very well, you must give these outfits a shot. These costumes are comfortable and will take the pressure off you when getting ready for Valentine's day date.

You can even use some of your Halloween couple costumes and accessories for this look. Besides, you just need to take care of everything you used to care about while buying a couple of Halloween costumes.

To carry this look, you will need a white front knot T-shirt, dark blue skort or mini skirt, and stiletto heels. If you already have a niche white T-shirt, then there is no need to buy a front knot T-shirt, Just tie a front knot in the T-shirt you have. Add a romantic touch to the outfit with a pretty pink coat.

We recommend cat-eye shades, a clutch bag, and a nice slim wristwatch for the accessories part. Avoid makeup. Just put on a little eyeliner and flamenco red lipstick.

If you want to play with your hairstyle, we suggest short wig styles, as they are in trends nowadays. Make sure that your outfit matches your boyfriend's valentine outfit just like the couple Halloween costumes.

A funky women wearing a fresh funky look

For Men: Blazer & Stripes!

Keeping in mind the funky look that your girl will carry, we would suggest the same funky look for you too. No matter what your personality is, stripes T-shirts always look good on men. The crisp and versatility of stripe T-shirts can be further elevated by pairing it with matching chinos. Feel free to use Halloween couple costumes and accessories for this look.

To enhance the look further, wear a nice blazer. While choosing any of these outfits, just make sure that all match and look great with each other.

Complete the outfit with white sneakers, a sports wristwatch, and a cap. At the same time, ensure that you have groomed yourself well. Trim the beard, get a nice hairstyle and apply a delicate perfume.

A men in a blazer with stripes

Couple Halloween Costumes Idea #6: Monochrome Magic

This is a unisex couple Halloween costume idea. That means both men and women can try it. Monochrome outfits are always in demand. The word Monochrome is made of two words: 'Mono' means Single, and 'Chrome' implies color. So the monochrome outfits are nothing but outfits that consist of pieces of the same colors.

However, it is a misconception that monochrome dressing means wearing black and white, which is incorrect. Actually, it just means wearing outfits of the same color. You can wear outfits of black, white, blue, pink, or any color you love.

Besides, if you have some black Halloween couple costumes in your closet, you can absolutely use them.

Monochrome dresses are the perfect choice on Valentine's day. Because it manifests that you both are an integral part of each other lives and who completes each other!

With this costume idea, we are ending this list of a couple Halloween costumes. We are sure that you have liked all these ideas.


Finding the perfect valentines day outfit is indeed a tiresome task if you think too much about it. But if you know what you like, what outfits you are comfortable with, and what dresses you can carry well, the job will become easy and entertaining. Whatever outfit you choose for Valentine's day, ensure that it looks great on you! Happy Valentine's Day!

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