Spectacular Mardi Gras Costume Ideas & Tips You Must Follow In 2021

Spectacular Mardi Gras Costume Ideas & Tips You Must Follow In 2021

Carnivals and costumes are just inseparable. They are like Tom and Jerry. For every festival celebrated worldwide, there would be specific outfits, outfit colors, and styles. 

For this reason, you will find a range of different categories on costumes websites based on festivals and events, including Halloween costumes, Mardi gras costumes, Semana Santa costumes, Songkran costumes, Burning Man costumes, and Aloha costumes, to add a few.

Each of these festivals has its own costumes, history, tradition, foods, importance and styles. However, finding new outfits every year for every celebration that are unique and attractive is indeed a difficult job. But if you understand the festival & its importance well, before you go out to buy costumes, the task will certainly become easy.

In the blog, we have compiled 10 tips and 5 ideas that you should follow while buying mardi gras costumes or its accessories like masks, footwear or mardi gras costume wigs. Note that all the tips are very basic yet important. Let's learn each of the tips one by one in brief.

Finalize The Mardi Gras Look

All begins with how you want to style yourself or what would be your look for mardi gras. Think about the look that you want to try this mardi gras. In order to make a perfect statement, you have to take care of every detail of the outfit– from mardi gras costumes to Mardi gras costume wigs, to long-nosed Venetian masks, to the colors of the costumes.

Once you find out how you want to look and what would be your costumes for Mardi gras, move to the next step– choose the right colors.

Keep the Colors In Mind

Just like costumes, every festival has its own colors too. For example, Saint Patrick's Day has a green color, Valentine's day has a red color, and similarly, green, purple, and gold are three primary colors for the mardi gras festival. Everything from costumes to accessories to food are created or made of these colors.

Ensure that you buy mardi gras costume wigs and other outfits of these colors as each of these colors have their own importance. For example, gold symbolizes power, purple stands of justice, and the green represents faith.

Size Does Matter!

Once you zeroed-in on costumes and colors, ensure that you buy the perfect size costumes. Too large or too fit outfits won't only look bad on you but will be uncomfortable too. Therefore, we advised that you buy mardi gras costume wigs and other outfits at least 15 days in advance to have enough time to return or replace it if it doesn't fit well.

Choose the Matching Accessories

Just like the costumes, matching accessories like mardi gras masks, mardi gras costume wigs, feathered masks, and gold shining footwear are essential too. These accessories will certainly elevate your overall look. 

Try carrying a sequin fanny pack to hold your cell phone and wallet or using a feather boa to add texture and keep you warm. Also, if possible, avoid carrying expensive jewellery or gadgets during the carnival.

Where to Buy Mardi Gras Costume Wigs?

There are several places to buy mardi gras costumes and fashion wigs. You can either buy online from the trusted mardi gras costumes websites like Halloween Party Online. After all, the answer to where to buy mardi gras costumes solely depends on your budget and style.

However, make sure you buy only genuine and good quality costumes and mardi gras costume wigs only. Never buy cheap costumes just to save some dollars because they may harm your skin and well being.

Prefer Layer Dressing

Most of the time, during the mardi gras festival, the weather is uncertain. Sometimes, it's sunshine with a warm temperature, while other times it's chilly and rainy. Therefore we suggest that whatever you buy, be it mardi gras costume wigs or masks or costumes, make sure you keep the weather in mind.

The better option is to plan layer outfits so that you can add or remove the outfit piece as per the weather. Wear tights or leggings for an extra layer. Besides, consider a jacket that fits with your costume's color scheme. But make sure you play within the three colors only– green, purple, and gold.

Apply Matching Makeup

Mardi gras festival allows you to experiment with your look to a great extent. It is a festival that lets you transform into ultimately another figure using makeup and body paints. Face paints and makeup are significant ways to transform your persona. 

Makeup, body paints, and body glitter will not only boost your look but will also help you get blend with the crowd easily. However, it is recommended that you use only good quality body paints to ensure that your skin health does not negatively affect. In the same way, be sure that makeup looks realistic, is in-line with your mardi gras costume wigs and is durable enough to last the entire day.

Check the Weather Forecast

Weather can certainly play the role of a villain during the mardi gras festival. For this reason, it always helps to check the weather forecast before buying mardi gras costume wigs or any other accessories or outfits. If the weather is going to be rainy or chilly, prefer layer outfits.

In the same way, if the forecast predicts that it would be sunny weather on the festival day, buy oversized or light colors mardi gras outfits to make yourself feel comfortable.

Mask Up!

Similar to the mardi gras costume wigs, Mask is also a very significant part of the mardi gras festival. It lets you be anonymous as well as lends an additional mischievous flair.

Long-nosed Venetian masks, fancy masks, glittery masks, fantasy masks, and feathered masks are some of the known mardi gras types. The bird-like long-nosed Venetian mask dates back to the 18th century when people of all classes gather and gamble together without the consequence of their reputation.

In the same way, feather masks are simple to make and easy to carry. Choose the best mardi gras masks and other accessories that you are comfortable carrying for long hours.

Wear a Matching Wig!

To complete your mardi gras look, you will certainly need matching mardi gras costume wigs. Cosplay wigs or fashion wigs are a part of well-coordinated character costumes. They help you get closer to the persona you are enacting or replicating for the mardi gras festival.

There are a number of different mardi gras costume wigs in the fashion market, including cosplay Wigs, tinsel wigs, fashion wigs, curly wigs, etc. Buy the perfect wigs that complement your festive look.

So these are the top 10 tips that you must follow while buying the perfect mardi gras costume wigs that not only elevate your look but also makes you an attraction to the event.

Below are the top 5 mardi gras costume ideas that you should give a try. 

Top 5 Mardi Gras Costume Ideas 2021

Themed Mardi Gras Costumes

Themed mardi gras costumes are always in demand during the festival. Be it Halloween, cosplay parties, or the mardi gras. All you have to care about while planning the themed mardi gras costumes is to be sure that you use the gold, purple and green colors as much as possible and take help of accessories like mardi gras costume wigs and masks to complete the look.

Before you plan theme costumes, contact as many friends and family to make the event grand & perfect.

Themed Mardi Gras Costumes

Vintage Mardi Gras Costumes

Vintage Mardi Gras Costumes

Everyone loves a vintage look. The retro-style brings you to the era of kings and kingdoms, where everything is royal and rich. If you are a fan of the monarchy, you can certainly try retro mardi gras costumes this year.

Although the costumes and mardi gras costume wigs will remain very similar to the modern look, you have to take care of accessories. It is to be noted that accessories will play a significant role in giving the desired look. Besides, vintage accessories are easily available and affordable. 

Gold-Glitter Mardi Gras Costumes

Gold, purple and green are the three primary colors of mardi gras festivals. But among these colors, gold shines the brightest. For this reason, it is used more than other colors.

Gold color mardi gras costumes will not only make you shine bright but will also make you feel richer and elegant among others. Use gold color as much as possible for your outfits as well as accessories like mardi gras costume wigs, masks, footwear, etc. However, don't overdo it.

Gold-Glitter Mardi Gras Costumes

Royal Mardi Gras Costumes

Royal Mardi Gras Costumes

If you are not satisfied with the retro look and instead want to be a royal character, choose royal mardi gras costumes.

Every mardi gras parade is full of street performers, music bands, high festival spirits, and foods. There are jesters, queens, and the king. In case you don't know– Rex, king of the carnival, is to mardi gras what Santa is to the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. 

So be the part of this royal bandwagon by donning the royal costumes and matching mardi gras costume wigs.

Easy Mardi Gras Costumes 

If you are not a fan of costumes or hate dressing up, you can try easy mardi gras costumes. You can try something different than regular. We know purple, green, and gold are official colors for mardi gras festival, but they are certainly not the laws!

Feel free to try a different set of colors for the mardi gras costumes along with the matching mardi gras costume wigs. Furthermore, to get noticed among the sea of people, emphasize group costumes or theme costumes.

Above all these tips, wear costumes and accessories that make you feel comfortable and confident. There is no need to go by the book. After all, festivals are nothing but an excuse for enjoyment and happiness!

Easy Mardi Gras Costumes

Summary: It is not so difficult to find perfect Mardi gras costumes. Choosing the right style, right colors, and the perfect fit are some of the checkboxes you need to check. Remember, choose the costumes and accessories, including mardi gras costume wigs, that are comfortable to carry for long hours. Also, only use good quality organic makeup and body paint that are good for health.

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