The Best Halloween Costumes For a Spooky Trio

The Best Halloween Costumes For a Spooky Trio

Halloween is right around the corner, do you have a costume picked out? Having trouble deciding? Or does the idea of coming up with a costume at all give you the heebie jeebies? Take a deep breath of pumpkin spice and get inspired by these simple upgrades to classic spooky costumes!


A demon, vampire, and a witch may seem like unlikely comrades, but they're a classic trio in terms of scare factor. Grab some pals and take this quiz to find out which monster you are, and decide for yourself the dynamic of your group - friends, lovers, or sworn enemies?

Classic costumes are a blast because they're so widely recognizable that you can easily put your own twist on things. However, we totally understand how this can be overwhelming, especially last-minute. We've compiled some of our best selling costumes with some quirky accessories to show you exactly how to make a unique, personalized costume just in time for Halloween.


Whether your power is magic, shapeshifting, or just looking devilish, this red wig with horns is the easiest way to get proper recognition as a demon. Pair this ruby red bob with our red and black robe for a menacing color scheme. To really enhance your demonic vibes, use some dark eyeliner to draw lighting-shaped lines that branch off from your eyes and give the appearance of a veiny, evil look, as seen in this picture by @Shaaanxo.


Whatever you pair with your robe, make sure to leave room for these creepy stockings. Giving the same cracked, veiny appearance as the makeup look, this piece will tie your whole costume together!


Mastering the swordsmanship, super human strength, and regenerative healing abilities will be the hardest part of this costume, but the rest is a breeze. Our dark, slicked-back wig will give you Dracula's signature hairline, and don't worry about your outfit – we've got you covered with our vampire costume. 

To add some extra flair, invest in some red contacts and follow this easy vampire makeup look that'll make you look dead in the best way.



Supernatural skills and casting spells may be your specialty, but you probably still need help with your hair and outfit. Our long black wig is the perfect base for any witchy getup, and our dark academia costume is perfect for the aesthetic.

If you're in the mood for some easy additional accessories, consider these two! A crinkled witch hat that will make you more exuberant and mysterious, and an easy wand DIY to cherish even after Halloween ends. 

If you decide on any of these options, we'd love to see – don't forget to post and tag us on IG @Halloweenpartyonline!




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