10 Fabulous Cosplay Ideas Inspired by Classic Sitcoms

10 Fabulous Cosplay Ideas Inspired by Classic Sitcoms

We all know the excitement and jitters that ensue when anticipating your outfit for cosplay events, parades, and Halloween. But what about when you haven’t nailed down what to wear? 

Choosing the right outfit is both the most enjoyable and stressful part of cosplay, but before you panic, read through this article for ten classic sitcom characters for the perfect cosplay.

Sitcom characters are often a first choice for cosplay, especially since some of the most iconic sitcoms aired in the 60s and 70s - decades with some of the most eye-catching fashion. One of the best parts of these sitcoms were the unique characters and their outfits, accessories, and hairstyles.

  1. Laura Petrie from The Dick Van Dyke Show

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This 17-year-old dancer in the United Service Organization became a stay-at-home mom after marrying Rob in this 60’s tv sitcom. On the show, Laura was played by Mary Tyler Moore with such charm and humor that the writer kept writing more and more episodes for her. Laura (Rob often called her “Laurie”, which became his usual name for her) soon became a loving wife and a mother. Throughout the series, the character is depicted in many ways: as a housewife, a former dancer, and even at one point, a talented writer.

Laura had that beautiful flip hairstyle that became popular in the 1960s, inspiring many young women. Try out this classy, appealing hairstyle for your next cosplay event! This hairstyle suits costume parties, cosplay parades, Halloween, theme parties, and more.

  1. Lisa Douglas from Green Acres

Lisa Douglas was the main character in this classic American sitcom. She and her husband move from New York City to a countryside farm, but being a glamorous Hungarian immigrant, it takes her some time to adjust to farm living. Her beautiful blond hairstyle, Hungarian accent, and luxurious jewelry and dresses that don’t exactly blend in on the country farm all make her an endearing character!

If you like voluminous blonde hair, (and who doesn’t?) channel this classic character at your next Halloween or cosplay event. The 60s sitcom wavy blond wig is the perfect choice, and it’s easy to find some accessories to match.

  1. Samantha from Bewitched

This witchy 60s character casts spells and steals hearts. An American housewife who also happens to be an immortal witch, her natural, humorous personality was complimented by her wavy blonde hair. 

If you’d like to cast spells like Samantha at your next cosplay event, just wiggle your nose and invest in a wig and costume - voila!

  1. Mary Anne Summers from Gilligan's Island

Among a group of 7 shipwrecked on an unknown island, this sitcom character is best known for her charm, intelligence, and beauty. Mary Anne’s two short pigtails with curls truly compliment her carefree personality - in fact, this hairstyle compliments many people! 

Try your hand at being a castaway at your next cosplay event by mimicking this island girl’s brunette pigtails.

  1. Ginger Grant from Gilligan's Island

If you’re less bubbly and more into sophistication, here’s another character from Gilligan’s Island - the gorgeous Hollywood star Ginger Grant! Portrayed by Tina Louise, this character was born in New York City and is used to the limelight. As a castaway, she’s known as the film star of the island, and she doens’t disappoint - she’s somehow always dressed up in evening gowns and organizing performances!

Ginger’s elegant, Hollywood-esque look made her a major character on the show. Her stylish wavy hair reminds us of her stardom as well. Cosplay this character with a classic wavy brown wig to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Sophia from Golden Girls

The Golden Girls aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992, and its cultural impact has lasted ever since. This sitcom features four older women who share a home. Together they figure out life, love and friendship as senior citizens, and it’s extremely entertaining! Cosplay any of them for Halloween, cosplay events, or your next granny night with a golden girls wig. With a Sophia wig, you’ll immediately transform into this 87 year old Sicilian! 

Cosplaying this character is very convenient as Sophia doesn’t wear many accessories, so just a granny wig is enough!

  1. Dorothy from Golden Girls

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Dorothy is another Golden Girls character who is recently divorced from her ex-husband Stanley. This sarcastic, compassionate, and protective lady is easy to mimic with a fluffy salt-and-pepper wig and a touch of makeup!

Dorothy is nicknamed “Pussycat,” but she is the sharpest of the group. She’s strong, sarcastic, sometimes intimidating, and the most grounded out of the four girls in the show. Bea Arthur portrayed the role and it’s one of her best works on television.

  1. Rose from Golden Girls

Cosplay Rose from The  Golden Girls if you also have countless stories from your hometown! This Norwegian American is born in St. Olaf, Minnesota, and loves telling stories about her life growing up back home. Rose Nylund is the most friendly, easy-going, innocent, and kind-hearted person. She is also the most morally reprehensible of all four Golden Girls.

Rose was known for being so naive and taking the meaning of everything literally. Her charming smile and idiotic but sometimes also insightful activities made the character enjoyable. Choose this jolly character for your next cosplay event!

  1. Blanche from Golden Girls
Rue McClanahan played the role of Blanche on Golden Girls, and boy is she an unforgettable lady! Owning the house that the four girls reside in, she later sold equal shares to each of them. 

Blanche was from a wealthy family and her appearance proves that. Throughout the series, her age was never revealed, even the other girls couldn’t get it figured out! Mimic this young lady (!) at your next cosplay event, just make sure not to reveal her age!

  1. Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie
The genie in a bottle comes out when a stranded Larry Hagman finds her bottle. She soon falls in love with Larry, an astronaut who crash landed, and the rest is history. This fantastic series aired for 139 episodes over five seasons and was truly a hit!

Dressed up in red and pink costumes, this beautiful genie was portrayed by award-winning actress Barbara Eden. Despite living for more than two thousand years, Jeannie happens to be very immature and impulsive. Her passion for her master makes her overprotective, but she eventually wins his heart and they get married.

With one of the most iconic costumes on this list, her beautiful outfit can be easily mimicked with a costume bundle and blonde wig. 

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 costumes inspired by classic tv shows and sitcoms. While you’re free to investigate other options, decision fatigue is real, and narrowed down lists can often help. These costumes are mostly from shows that aired between 1950 to 1990, as many people consider that the golden age of TV sitcoms in the US. Good luck, we hope your next cosplay is a huge success!


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