Wig Ideas to Celebrate the Pride Month 2022

Wig Ideas to Celebrate the Pride Month 2022

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LGBTQ+ Pride Month is the time of year that celebrates self-affirmation, equality, and public awareness of LGBTQ+ rights. Cities worldwide celebrate this occasion to commemorate queer and nonbinary people and their battle for equality, especially in regard to the Stonewall riots in June 1969. To do this, enormous events are held in the month of June as people across the world tout rainbow-themed gear and celebrate love.

The large, colorful events that take place include parades, marches, rallies, community days, festivals, seminars, and parties. 


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During this festive month, people decorate themselves with rainbow costumes, expressive wigs, flags, and body paint to match the colorful nature of the season. Many people have a blast putting effort and creativity into standing out from the crowd! 

Here we have listed the best colorful wigs HPO has made for pride month, so that your 2022 pride doesn’t need to be a hassle. Having colorful rainbow hair is a pride staple, but if you’re not ready for the hours in the salon and potential hair damage, wigs are a great option. These wigs are comfortable to wear for long hours, and breathable during one of the hottest months of the year! 

Top Rainbow Wigs for Pride Month by HPO


  • 1. Rapper Rainbow Loc Wig


    Rapper Rainbow Dreadlock Wig, Colorful LGBT Pride Wig


    Gazzy Garcia, also known as Lil Pump, is an American rapper who became prominent after his “Gucci Gang” track. Focusing on his braids, HPO developed this rainbow loc wig, which just so happens to be perfect for pride events. This rapper has had a bold influence on young people as he’s one of the most famous members of the SoundCloud rap scene. Whether you’re a fan of him or not, his hairstyle is perfect for pride parades and rallies. The premium handcrafted wig is made of synthetic fiber and designed for a comfortable fit.

    Another advantage of the rapper rainbow loc wig is that you don’t need to pair it with an expensive costume, just wear it with a t-shirt and jeans and everyone will recognize your outfit! This wig is always comfortable, especially when it’s a sunny day and you’re attending a parade.

  • 2. Women's Rainbow Long Curly Colorful Wig


    Rainbow Long Curly wig, Colorful long Curly wig, Colorful LGBT Pride Wig


    If you’re thinking about pride shopping and you love rainbow curls, this wig may be the perfect fit. The layered colorful strands are perfect for parades and festivals, as well as celebratory picnics and dance parties. Made of high quality synthetic fiber, this wig even comes with a wig cap! It also features an adjustable lining strap inside, keeping it tight and comfortable for long use day and night.

    HPO proudly declares that this long, colorful wig features top-notch design that’s perfect for pride month. You can rock this wig with or without a costume.

  • 3. Twin Troll Wig Set


    Unisex Troll Wig


    Inspired by the characters Satin and Chenille from the 2016 animated film “Trolls”, HPO developed this Twin Troll wig set. Inspired by twin trolls, this joint wig is perfect for partners or BFFs attending any pride event. You get two-in-one — one for you and one for your partner! This set can also be detached easily and worn separately if you wish to.

    This unisex troll wig has been trending among teens and adults for years. Made of premium breathable materials, the wig set is adjustable for the perfect fit.

  • 4. Colorful Cutie Pie Curly Clown Wig


    Clown Rainbow Curly Wigs, Colorful LGBT Pride Wig


    Another synthetic wig option for pride shopping is the Cutie Pie from HPO. What’s more festive and colorful than a curly clown wig? This hair piece can be worn as part of your pride costume or can be your stand-out piece paired with a tee and jeans. This wig is so bright and colorful it’s sure to stand out from even a distance!

    The breathable, adjustable cap of this wig will perfectly fit your head, and it’s suitable for long hours at day events or night parties. You’ll be sure to get the cutest look in the parade with this premium Cutie Pie wig.

  • 5. Long Length Rainbow Rapper Lace Front T-Part Wig


    Long Length T-Part Wig Rainbow Rapper Lace Front wig, Colorful LGBT Pride Wig


    HPO brought this multicolor hair lace front wig a few weeks back for pride events and similar occasions. The straight hair texture of this wig will easily match your pride event costume of any kind. As the product is made of synthetic fiber, it is long-lasting and you don’t have to worry about taking extra care of it. An adjustable lining strap ensures the highest comfort.

  • 6. Rainbow Afro Clown Unisex Wig


    Rainbow Afro Clown unisex wig, Colorful LGBT Pride Wig


    Specially designed for colorful festivities, this rainbow afro clown wig is perfect for pride. One of the prettiest products from HPO, the super-sized jumbo wig is appropriate for kids and adults, men and women, and beyond! 

    The lightweight wig is made of artificial fiber with a breathable capless cap inside. The item is 100% cruelty-free and ensures maximum comfort all day and night. 

  • 7. Rainbow Women's Movie Wig


    Rainbow Women's , premium multi-color Movie Wig, Colorful LGBT Pride Wig


    HPO’s “Rainbow Women’s Movie Wig” may be based on a female character, but anyone can rock this item, from kids to adults of any gender! This wig is cut in a stylish, choppy mullet with colors so bold that they’re sure to stand out in even the most colorful crowd.

    Made of synthetic fibers, skilled workers hand make these wigs on a breathable capless cap that stays airy for hours. 

    This list is based on public opinion, online reviews, as well as our observations. When pride month is near, many companies and local retailers start selling pride products, and it can be hard to choose. Choose HPO for a blissful pride in your city!

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