Best Female Characters to Cosplay from Popular TV Shows in 2022

Best Female Characters to Cosplay from Popular TV Shows in 2022

If you’re thinking about dressing up for your next cosplay or themed event, you can’t go wrong mimicking an iconic female lead character from TV. These women are recognizable and beloved, and nothing is more fun than wearing their on-screen look!

The characters on our list are from top-rated television shows, with each of them having a huge fan base - maybe you’re even part of one! For fans and admirers alike, the world of cosplay is the perfect place to dress up and create your own image of the character.

Vanessa Ives

“There are things within us all that can never be unleashed,” or at least that’s what this character believes. If you’ve seen the horror series Penny Dreadful, Vanessa is the cool and mysterious lead female character who is also full of secrets.

Vanessa’s powerful supernatural gifts are useful to her friends, but in some cases can be monstrous. Cosplay this character and you just might be able to mimic her powers, too! Her curly signature hair is easily copied with a wig, and her lacy dress is available online or at costume retailers.

Hannah Kolinsky

The next character on our list is Hannah Kolinsky, who got a historical tour guide job from a wealthy southern family, in which she often pretends to be the ghost that haunts the manor. However, when the real ghost of the manor appears to her, she begins to uncover the true history of the manor.

This relatable character may be a hot mess, but she has a heart of gold. It’s easy to capture her look as she wears a simple blue dress.

Choi Nam-ra

The recent Netflix show “All of Us Are Dead” introduced this iconic character, and people can’t get enough of her! In this horror zombie series, based on the eponymous webtoon, this cold character is known for being the all-too-serious class president, although many believe she’s just misunderstood.

Get inspired by her brave, unwavering heart with an eye patch, student costume, and some fake blood.

June Osborne

If you’ve seen The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ve seen how impressive June Osborne is as a character. Based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood, the storyline follows her during a time after the Second American Civil War when society creates new rules and child-bearing slavery becomes a common practice.

In this dystopian world, June manages to fight for freedom and never gives up, despite the abuse she endures. The red and white handmaids outfit has become a widely recognized symbol, and is easy to wear with many costume options available.

Nam On-jo

Nam On-jo is another main character in the Korean Netflix show “All of Us Are Dead.” Considered the main protagonist, she’s arguably one of the most endearing character in the series, and many of us loved watching her romance with her childhood friend Cheong-san.

This Korean school uniform costume is perfect for mimicking Nam On-jo’s look, and with a little fake blood you can even make it gory.

Maeve Wiley

Maeve Wiley

The last character on our list is Maeve Wiley, the confident, intelligent, and sarcastic girl known as the “bad girl” at Moordale Secondary School. She and her friend Otis have what some would call a side hustle and what others would call inappropriate for teenagers - they run a sex therapy clinic together.

If you admire Maeve’s confidence and rebellious attitude, mimic her bold look with a party girl wig, some makeup and similar stylish accessories.

If you’ve seen any of these shows or admire any of these characters, cosplaying them is a fun way to spread cheer. Whether it’s for a convention or a fan photoshoot, it’s easier than ever to copy your favorite character’s look.

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