Awesome Kid-Friendly Cosplay Ideas

Awesome Kid-Friendly Cosplay Ideas

Many families find it fun to go to cosplay events or hold themed cosplay parties. Cosplay is where people dress up as television, book, and movie characters that they love. While adults traditionally participate in cosplay, kids are now getting in on the fun. Cosplay options are as endless as your creativity. Kids can dress up as a specific character, or dress to look like someone from an iconic era such as the sixties.


For example, a fun theme for a child’s party that could work for one child, multiple children, or an entire family is dressing up as characters from the movie Trolls. Girls can be Princess Poppy, while boys can be Branch. Mom and dad could even get in on the fun as King Peppy or one of the Bergens.

Renaissance Royalty

Kids can also have a lot of fun doing cosplay as a prince or princess from the Renaissance era. The classic and beautiful dresses for the girls and the dashing outfit for boys is a simple but fun cosplay costume.

Despicable Me

Characters from Despicable Me are another popular option. Balthazar Bratt or a Minion would be ideal costumes. If dressing a family, the kids could all be different Minions or Villains from any of the Despicable Me and Minions movies. Mom and Dad could be Gru and Lucy.

David Bowie

Kids can also dress up as a beloved music star, such as David Bowie. A colorful Bowie suit mixed with some fun hair or make-up could be a fun cosplay for any child. They could even dress up as Bowies famous character, the Goblin King, Jareth from the movie Labyrinth.

Video Game Characters

Characters from video games can also a lot of fun. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Link, Zelda, and more are also widely loved cosplay costumes for kids. The whole family can even get in on some video game costumes, making for a fun matching family cosplay.

Whatever you pick, it’s assured the kids will have a blast!

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