The Best Hairstyles in Anime (And Where to Buy Wigs for Your Cosplay)

The Best Hairstyles in Anime (And Where to Buy Wigs for Your Cosplay)

Are you a cosplayer searching for the best in anime hairstyles? Whether you are new to the hobby of cosplaying or have been crafting your own costumes for years, you know how important it is to have the perfect wig to complete your look. For anime cosplay fans, getting just the right wig can make a big impression. You can find that perfect wig in our fantastic selection at:

Whether you are replicating the look of an anime character from a cartoon, comic, or video game, there are many styles to pick from. Check out these popular anime hairstyles:

Bunches (also called Twin Tails)

The very height of anime hairstyles, these casual ponytails embrace youth, beauty, and wisdom. Whether you are an assassin with a job to do or a love-obsessed stalker, this look is always in style in the cosplay world.

Long, Straight Hair

From Pokémon to Sailor Moon, anime girls rock this look whether they are villains, shy girls, or have amazing magical powers. Wild colors like green, purple, or pink add an extra bit of spice to your cosplay.


Nothing says anime like the adorable style of curly pigtails tied with cute bows – and the longer the better! So popular in the anime world, this hairstyle works for both studious girls and cold-blooded killers alike.

Long Bangs

Got something to hide? Then long bangs are the way to go for your cosplay character. This look can work for male or female characters, especially with a shot of vibrant color. This is a sexy, futuristic style that will blow your fellow cosplayers away.


All day, every day! Ponytails in anime are the very embodiment of these kawaii characters. Whether it’s long, spiky, two-toned, or stylish you can’t go wrong with this style.

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