Remembering Steve Ditko: The Creator of Spider-man, Doctor Strange, and More

Remembering Steve Ditko: The Creator of Spider-man, Doctor Strange, and More

Beginning in the 1960s, Steve Ditko was a pivotal contributor to what has now become the Marvel Comics dynasty. Unbeknownst to many of today’s action hero consumers, Ditko, with the help of Jack Kirby, was an artist responsible for developing the iconic Spider-Man character. He also had a hand in historic characters like Iron Man and the Hulk. His mid-20th century images would go on to grace movie and television screens, t-shirts, toy stores, and every bit of merchandise in between.

Ditko’s Draws Spiderman for Stan Lee

Jack Kirby - already an established illustrator and the mind behind Captain America - was actually the artist who originally introduced the Spider-Man character to the comic book world. Steve Ditko was called in to revise aspects of the plot and design after Kirby’s overall idea was dismissed. Marvel Comic’s editor at the time, Stan Lee, chose Ditko for his observation of possible risks of plagiarism regarding Spider-Man’s close relation to The Fly.

Career Highlights of Steve Ditko

Ditko’s peak period for The Amazing Spider-Man creations took place from 1963-1966. During this time, Ditko was the creative force behind not only the character’s illustration, but the title and plot as well. Ditko created other, lesser known, comic book characters such as Dr. Octopus, Dr. Strange, and the Green Goblin. Ditko’s focus was more on psychological introspection and mysticism than the classic action hero.

The Life of Steve Ditko

From youth, Ditko was influenced by classic comics like Batman. He began work early on, illustrating for the Army just out of high school, and attending school thereafter to continue with his artistry. In the 50s, he began his professional endeavors under Jack Kirby. At the height of his productions of Spider-Man, Ditko became a recluse and eluded the spotlight for most of his professional life. He was found dead at age 90 in his Manhattan apartment in June of 2018, reportedly from heart disease.

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