How to Outsmart Your Boss at an Office New Year Party? Cool Cosplay Wig Ideas in 2023!

How to Outsmart Your Boss at an Office New Year Party? Cool Cosplay Wig Ideas in 2023!

Outsmarting your boss at an office costume party sounds like an awesome idea until you realize it's not that easy. Check out these cool wig ideas to stand out.

You know what they say, a boss is always right. You don't want to get on the wrong foot with your boss unless your want to lose your job. Not everyone has the luxury to work under Micheal Scott, sometimes they get to work under a boss like Miranda Priestly. Outsmarting your boss in real life might not be a good idea depending on the type of boss you have, but how about outsmarting your boss at a Christmas or Office New Year Party with some cool cosplay wigs?

Let’s get into the business and take a look at some of the coolest cosplay wigs that would definitely make some points at an office new year party.

Miranda Priestly bob wig

Try a Pixie Wig like Miranda Priestly

Diamond cuts diamond! That’s right if you are trying to intimidate your boss with something meaningful and fun, try out Miranda Priestly's pixie hairstyle with a cosplay wig. The Prada- clad fashion demon is the last person anyone would like to have as a boss. And showing up at the next office cosplay party in a complete Miranda Priestly look is surely going to make some valid points.

Try Rachel Green’s signature hairstyle with a bob wig

Some of the most sohpistacted movie or TV characters rocked with bob hairstyle. If you are planning to pull off something fun at your next office cosplay party, embody your favorite characters with a bob wig. Remember Rachel Green from one of the greatest TV Sitcoms of all time, FRIENDS? Remember how she decides to live independently but ends up being stuck in a waitress job before finally finding out her true passion in fashion? Imagine showing up at your office's new year party dressing up like Rachel Green with one of her signature Rachel bob wigs, if that does not make a statement I have no idea what would.

Rachel Green Bob Wig

Troll wigs are the best

Cosplaying a troll may sound like the easiest job for you if you have a proper troll wig. Troll wigs are fun to wear and they come in so many variants which can make them relevant to any situation or event. Synthetic fiber troll wigs are also quite cheaper and their lightweight provides you with maximum comfort. Now the question is, how are they going to make a statement at an office Christmas or new year party? If you are already a fan of this animated movie franchise, you don't need an explanation. Trolls are colorful and optimistic creatures who are well-known for their unity. And to survive in a toxic work environment, all you need is unity.

Troll Wigs

Let’s forget about the workplace. Troll wigs are so versatile, that you can wear them in sports events like Superbowl, World Cup, and in Olympics.

Troll Flag Wig

Protest like a pro with an Afro

Did you know that the Afro hairstyle used to be worn as a medium of protest against racism? The hair of black people used to be stereotyped negatively. Many people from African roots switched to more socially acceptable hairstyles to go with the flow, but some decided to use it as a medium of protest. An afro hairstyle represents the freedom every human being should have when it comes to growing their natural human hair naturally. Therefore, Afro is not just a random hairstyle, it represents a lot more than we think. Wear an afro wig at the next office party as a representation of your rebellious self. The best thing about an afro wig, it does not cost you much but allows you to enjoy a variety of styles effortlessly. You can wear them to mimic the style of some of the most popular celebrities. Check out this Bob Ross wig and beard set, could it be any more awesome?

Afro Bob Ross Wig

There are plenty of other options available where you can implement your own ideas on an afro wig. Sporting events like the Olympics, World Cup, NBA Finals, or Superbowl, an afro flag wig can make you stand out any day.


Unlock your party mode with a dreadlock

If you're familiar with the history of black people and their culture, you are already aware of the significance dreadlocks hold for them. Many celebrities didn’t hesitate to manifest their love for the enriched culture by wearing dreadlocks. The Dreadlock hairstyle is not just an ordinary hairstyle, it used to mean a lot more than that. It once was a parameter of deciding people’s social status, material status, and the family they come from. It was presented as a medium of protest against the oppression they had to endure during the slavery era. Try a cosplay dreadlock wig at the next office party to pay your tribute to them.

 Ombre Dreadlock Wig

Create your own tale with a perfect Pigtail

Pigtail is capable of bringing back some of the most spooky memories from popular movies and TV shows, but when you're planning to cosplay someone at your office party, it can mean something else too. It may remind your boss that, even if you may seem like a perfect and calm girl from the outside, you still possess fire inside you that can change everything in a flash. If we are talking about trending ponytail styles, Wednesday Adam’s name would definitely pop up at first given the enormous success of the recent Netflix Original.


The pigtail may come in handy to cosplay another doll character from Netflix's superhit survival drama. Remember the doll from this Korean Netflix original Squid Game? Imagine showing up at the next office party wearing the doll wig and costume! It’s surely going to create some red-light moments.

Doll character

A perfect ponytail never fails

Many celebrities rock with a perfect ponytail but when you cosplay one, this might give you a headache. If you are planning to cosplay one of those celebrities at the next office party or Halloween party, a perfect ponytail extension wig is a must. A ponytail extension gives you the feel of a real ponytail and if you are planning to cosplay someone.

Ponytail Wigs

Thanks for reading, hope this article has been helpful to figure out how How to Outsmart Your Boss at an Office New Year Party and find the coolest Cosplay Wig Ideas in 2023. Check out other blogs to learn more about different cosplay party ideas.

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