A Beginner's Guide to Historical Period Wigs

A Beginner's Guide to Historical Period Wigs

You'll be surprised to know that wigs aren't a contemporary innovation. Although wigs have evolved over time they have a very old history. But have you ever wondered which historical period wigs would be best for you? Let’s find out from this blog.

Wigs were first invented back in 3400 BC in ancient Egypt. Wait for a second! What comes to your mind when you hear the name Egypt? You must be thinking of the Pyramids, the Sphinx, hieroglyphics, and kingdoms. However, likely, you never thought of the Egyptians as wig innovators.

Ancient Egyptians used to have short hairstyles or perhaps even shaved heads. It was quite hot, so that was obviously the cause. After that, to protect their bald heads from sun rays, the Egyptians invented wigs.

Although wigs were first designed as head coverings, the quality of the wig reflected one’s social status and class at that time. However, wigs are being worn today for more reasons than only maintaining social status or acting as safety precautions. They are being used for styling and fashion purposes now. Now the question is why historical period wigs are so popular now? Which historical period wigs you should choose as a beginner for your next cosplay event? Grab a cup of coffee and take a look at some of the historical period wigs that would perfectly make you stand out among the crowd.

Appear as a Queen on Halloween

If there’s only one person in history who kept a long-term impact on hair fashion it must be the last Queen of France— Marie Antoinette. Before being decapitated by the guillotine, Marie and her hairdresser Leonard Autié impressed the royal court with some of the most mesmerizing hairstyles. They were so elegant that even the top-level hair artists in the current world struggle to replicate those. The iconic Pouf hairstyle of Marie Antoinette is still very popular among fashionable women.

Marie Antoinette wig

So would you like to steal the show at your Halloween or cosplay party by dressing as a medieval queen like Marie Antoinette? If you are highly fashion-conscious, we bet you won't be able to resist purchasing this cosplay wig. This Victorian-style hairpiece features a stunning updo with ringlets and tightly curled hair. The most recognizable features of this wig are the color, style, and shape that perfectly mimic the natural hair effortlessly.

Be ‘Spook-tactular’ at your party

Are you prepared to haunt some living people just like a resurrected victorian ghost? Try this spooky and eerie Victorian Ghost Wig and become the center of attention at your Halloween party. This black victorian wig will complete your current zombie costume and it will also enhance the beauty of your costume collection.

Victorian Ghost Wig

Victorian Ghost Wig is actually based on the victorian period when people used to believe in paranormal entities, ghost stories, strange transmissions, and eerie occurrences. No wonder that era is considered the golden era of ghost stories. However, historians tried to ignore these beliefs for a long time because they considered the ghost stories embarrassing.

You might find the Victorian Ghost wig appropriate not only for a Victorian-themed costume party but also for Renaissance, Medieval, or any history-themed party you are planning to attend. So if you want to attend your party with a ‘Spook-tactular’ look, simply put on this gorgeous hairpiece and apply some makeup. If it does scare the hell out of you when you stand in front of the mirror, your mission is complete.

Be a part of the history with Burgundy Historical period Wigs

Imagine attending a history-themed cosplay party and all you want is to look different at the party. How do you transform your look from an ordinary to a stunning historical look? The first thing you need is to make sure your hair matches the history and nothing can get the job done for you but a perfect history-themed wig. Now the question is from the tons of wigs which one you should choose? Take a look at this Burgundy Historical Wig which can be the best option for you because of the youthfulness it comes with. Also, this hairpiece can help to create a strikingly different appearance that will turn everyone's heads.

Burgundy Historical Wig

During the Middle Ages, a number of states in Western Europe were referred to be the Kingdom of Burgundy. The major contemporary towns of Geneva and Lyon are located in historical Burgundy, which is situated along the borders of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Inspired by the hairstyles of the people of this region, Burgundy Historical period Wigs are prepared.

So in order to make your day unforgettable and dress up like a historical figure for Halloween or a cosplay event, you should choose these Burgundy Historical period Wigs without a second thought.

Transform yourself as a Colonial Lady

If we compare fashion trends dating back centuries, any trend in present fashion would look average. A great example is the 18th century's Colonial Lady Wig. Ladies from the colonial era were widely known for their wonderful hairstyles, especially for those bouffant wigs. Even the popularity of their hairstyles has not diminished a bit in the present day as many people regardless of gender are now trying those styles! For this reason, lots of fashionable women still prefer to wear a colonial lady wig at their Halloween or cosplay events.

Colonial Lady wig

In addition to wearing it to Halloween parties, you can also wear this colonial lady wig at any Victorian-themed parties, Mediaval-themed parties, or any history-themed parties in general. From the beginning of the colonial era, white-haired lady wigs were popular because of their sheer sophistication. Since it was less damaging than dying, people started using white powder to tint the wigs and hair.

It is quite impossible to classify historical period wigs properly because the term "historical period wigs" includes a broad range of eras, styles, and personalities. So, we can only say that the historical hairstyles that we aren't eager to duplicate haven't yet been discovered.

In this article, we've discussed a few well-known historical period wigs so that you may obtain the whole advice to choose the unique one for your Halloween and cosplay party.

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