10 HPO Items to Make You Feel Like One of the Addams Family Members

10 HPO Items to Make You Feel Like One of the Addams Family Members

A lot of your childhood Halloween memories probably include the Addams Family costumes as all of us grew up watching that Family in different media. But did you know that the Addams Family is still an excellent choice for Halloween TV/movie costumes? Yes, they never became old. People of all ages love these costumes and wigs forever especially if they are up to a Halloween party or cosplay convention.

The most fantastic thing about these TV/movie wigs and costumes is, each and every member of your family can get a perfect cosplay item, even your pets! Couples love to show up at parties wearing Gomez and Morticia costumes and the Wednesday costumes and wigs are mostly loved by teens and youngsters in the US.

In this blog, we are going to demonstrate some of the HPO Addams Family items (wigs and costumes) with all the necessary information, prices, and where you can buy them from. Check out the following wigs and costumes if you want to look extra kooky and spooky next Halloween or cosplay convention. And when you plan for a group cosplay, there is no better alternative than this list.

So, what are the best Addams Family cosplay items that will make you the focal point of your party?

1. Adult Men’s Gomez Costume 2. Adult Women’s Morticia Costume
3. Black Witch Women’s Wig 4. Wednesday’s Braids Wig
5. Wednesday Costume 6. Adult Men’s Striped TV/Movie Costume
7. Men’s Uncle TV/Movie Costume 8. Men’s Black Character Wig
9. Grandma Wavy Women’s Wig 10. Cousin Creature Costume & Wig Set

Adult Men’s Gomez Costume


Gomez is a suave character and the patriarch of the Addams Family who does not like to work. He occasionally deals with businesses but most of the time he likes to spend time in recreational activities. This is the simplest costume idea if you want to be part of the Addams fictional family.

Gomez wears suits and pants in all adaptations of the family. So, this costume includes a striped suit, pants, a white shirt, and a purple bow tie. Any type of black leather shoes will perfectly go with the costume. You can have the costume in different sizes, from small to xl.

Price: $52.85 - $57.85 depending on sizes
Where to Buy: HPO online store, Amazon

Adult Women’s Morticia Costume

 Morticia Women’s Costume

Couple usually choose Gomez and Morticia costumes together for parties and Halloween. But it is also perfect for single women. Apparently, who doesn’t want to dress like the kooky woman who holds the crazy family together? She is a strong, powerful, and capable woman and this costume will make you feel like her.

Morticia TV/Movie costume is one of HPO’s bestselling items for group cosplay. Four sizes are available online, however, all colors and sizes might not be ready for shipping but customers can make pre-orders.

Price: $52.85 - $57.85
Where to Buy: Amazon, HPO online store, eBay

Black Witch Women’s Wig


Morticia Women’s Wig

This Black Witch Women’s Wig is made to complete your Morticia look. You could combine it with the Morticia costume to have a perfect look, but using the wig with any black dress is going to make you feel like the strong and confident matriarch of the Addams Family. The long black wig is made of synthetic fibers and does not cost much. The premium handcrafted wig is constructed on an adjustable capless cap, so, long wear will be comfortable both indoors and outdoors.

Price: $31.85 - $34.50
Where to Buy: HPO, Amazon, eBay

Wednesday’s Braids Wig


Wednesday’s Braids Wig

Often identified by her pale skin and black pigtails, Wesdenday most probably has the biggest and craziest fanbase. Halloween, cosplay competition, or theme party, you will find some Wednesday present there. For the best outlook, HPO sells both Wednesday’s braids wig and costume, however, they are usually sold separately so that you can purchase either of the items conveniently if you want. Don’t worry, they can be added to your cart together as well.

The Wednesday’s braids wig is made of straight synthetic fibers and two pigtails drop down to the chest.

Price: $31.85 - $34.50
Where to Buy: Amazon, HPO online store, eBay

Wednesday Costume


Wednesday Costume

As we already said earlier, if you are trying the Wednesday wig for Halloween or theme parties, to have a complete look we will recommend this Wednesday costume as well. The black and white Wednesday costume comes in different sizes— small to xl and it will fit any adult woman. If you got long black natural hair, you can have this costume and wear it along with your natural pigtails.

Price: $32.85 - $38.72
Where to Buy: HPO store, Amazon, eBay

Adult Men’s Striped TV/Movie Costume


Pugsley Costume

Have any of us seen a more charming, devious, and hooligan kid than Pugsley? He is Wednesday’s brother and a significant character from the Addams Family. Although Pugsley is mostly depicted as a young kid, adults can cosplay the character as well with this striped tv/movie costume. Teens and adults can have this Pugsley costume in different sizes. It comes with the iconic Pugsley Addams striped T-shirt and black shorts.

Price: $37.85 - $40.88
Where to Buy: HPO, eBay

Men’s Uncle TV/Movie Costume


Uncle Fester Costume

It’s the horrible big fat uncle Fester of the family. Cosplaying the character is easy with this uncle Fester Addams Family costume. You may need to have makeup to perfectly cosplay the character. The costume has an additional hood part to cover your head. It also includes a cord belt.

Price: $52.85 - $62.48
Where to Buy: HPO, Amazon

Men’s Black Character Wig


Lurch Wig

Become the butler to the Addams Family with this fancy wig that comes at around $30. He is the gloomy tall guy who appears in every form and adaptation of the story and whose first name always remains unknown. This tv/movie wig is made of fine synthetic fibers and is very comfortable for long wear.

Price: $26.85 - $29.00
Where to Buy: Amazon, eBay, HPO store

Grandma Wavy Women’s Wig


Addams Family Grandma Wig

Another vital character from the Addams family is the old granny who apparently is an aged witch and good at spells, fortune telling, and knife throwing. This silver-grey wavy women’s wig can’t transform you into a spell-expert witch, but it surely can make you look like her.

Price: $29.85 - $32.24
Where to Buy: HPO store, Amazon, eBay

Cousin Creature Costume & Wig Set


Cousin Itt Creature

It’s the cousin creature from the family and this is one of the most popular cosplay items for kids and adults. Most importantly, this is a unisex costume. So males, females, and kids can choose it for Halloween and cosplay conventions. The costume comes in 2 pieces— one from the shoulder down to the toe and another is a wig covering the head and neck. You’ll also get a hat and glasses with the costume. Multiple colors and sizes are available on HPO online store and on Amazon.

Price: $66.80 - $93.79
Where to Buy:
HPO store, Amazon, eBay

**‘The Addams Family’ and all the characters in it are licensed trademarks of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation.

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