Nowadays wigs are the center of attraction during the Holidays. Fashion geeks are adoring different styles of Holiday Wigs. Christmas Tree Wigs, Carnival Mardi Gras wigs, Grandma Witch wigs, and Easter Bunny Wigs are especially ruling in the holiday season.

Holidays are special in our life for their significant history, myth, and cultural influence. These are the times of year that make everyone smile, but it can also be overwhelming every now and then. Sometimes, we put extra pressure on ourselves to cook holiday meals for family and friends, buy them gifts, and decorate our homes. So we’re here to remind you that it’s okay to feel a little blue during the Holiday season! However, celebrating holidays together with family and friends takes all the gloom away and brings joy and color to our monotonous life.

We love to celebrate holidays, but buying the perfect wig for these special days is quite the task. To embrace these events in our life we all dress up for these holidays. But, in the busy holidays, it sometimes gets tough to give extra attention to hairstyles. If you are looking for stylish holiday wigs that will blow your mind and get ready in minutes, then look no further. Check our selected best holiday wig ideas. These 7 incredible holiday wig ideas will turn people’s heads around you this holiday season.


What are Holiday Wigs?

Many people wear wigs to enhance their look and make it more attractive. There are many types of holiday wigs ranging from fashion to fun looks and they all have one thing in common, being associated with holidays.

Holiday wigs are specially made for holiday events like Christmas, Easter Sunday, or Carnivals. During the holiday season, people love to wear different types of colorful wigs and costumes to express their joy. To make the holidays more fun and significant people of all ages wear holiday wigs at rallies or house parties. Dressing up and wearing wigs on holidays shows their tributes to special occasions.

How to Put on Holiday Wigs?

Putting on holiday wigs is the same as regular wigs. Holiday wigs are usually made of synthetic fibers and come with an attached capless cap. Before wearing wigs you have to wash your natural hair with shampoo. Dry your hair properly and brush them neatly. If you have long hair then braid them first and then make a bun, if you have short hair then simply make a flat bun. You can wear a wig cap or you can skip it only if the wig comes with a well-in-built cap. After this step, simply put on your wig, brush the hair strands, and voila! you are ready to rock the big holidays.

How to Take Care of Holiday Wigs?

If you want to wear your holiday wigs more than once then you have to take good care of them. Do not wash holiday wigs if they are decorated with fabrics, tinsels, or ornaments. Other than that, you can wash them like any other synthetic wig.

1. Detangle: Detangle the wig with a wide tooth comb to remove the tangle and any spray build-up.
2 Wash: Gently wash your wig with a sulfate-free shampoo, then rinse them off with lukewarm water.
3. Condition: Apply conditioner to soften the hair strands. Rinse the wig again with cold water.
4. Dry: You can air-dry, towel-dry, or blow-dry the wig with low heat. Do NOT wear a wet wig.
5. Style: Holiday wigs are usually pre-styled, so you do not need to style them. You can lightly style them with a comb. NEVER sleep wearing a wig on.

Durability and Price

Holiday wigs are made of synthetic fiber and made to wear for once. However, you can wear them 2-3 times. With good care, they will survive 2 washes.

Holiday wigs can be a little bit pricey, the range is between $30-$60.


On top of looking good and feeling confident, there's something magical about wearing a wig. From Day 1 to Day 6, no matter how long your party includes a trip out of town, these wigs are sure fire winners.

1. Christmas Tree Wig

Decorating Christmas trees with family is one of the amusing parts of Christmas. How about wearing a wig resembling a Christmas Tree on this big holiday? Christmas Tree Wigs are a great way to complete your look for any holiday, from Christmas to Winter Solstice. It is a hairpiece that can be worn by kids and adults as well. The style has been trending these days as more people are wearing it for Christmas. The Green Christmas Tree Wig is pre-styled and so easy to put on. You will look dope wearing this wig that your friends may try to decorate you with tinsels!

Christmas Tree Wig

2. Carnival Mardi Gras Wig

In the events of carnival celebrations wear this colorful wig. Mardi Gras is a celebration of life that can only be represented with colorful wigs. This Carnival Mardi Gras Wig has a beautiful combination of purple, yellow, and green colors. Colorful feather costumes and capes are usually worn in this festival with this type of colorful wig. Don’t delay spreading the colors in this vibrant festival by wearing this holiday wig.

Carnival Mardi Gras Wig

3. Grandma Witch Wig

Looking for a sneaky mischievous character to get dressed up for this Christmas? Then turn yourself into a witch and steal the Christmas cookies by getting dressed in this holiday wig! A Grandma Witch Wig is a must-have for the holidays. This granny mischievous style wig looks like a real one! Children will love this look until you cast your spell on them. Kidding! You can be the harmless grandma witch wearing this wig. This holiday special wig comes in gray color in a bun style.

Grandma Witch Wig

4. Easter Bunny Wig

The right wig has the ability to make you look like a different person. Being able to dress up and look different is something special in itself. This wig will turn you into a cute Easter Bunny and you can bring joy to children by giving them presents and eggs this Easter. Make your Easter Sunday special by cosplaying this cute Easter Bunny and being the center of attraction on the big holiday. The Easter Bunny Wig looks especially stunning in this bob style and blond color. This holiday wig has strokes of pink shade and cute bunny ears.

Easter Bunny Wig

5. Christmas Elf Wig

When we think about Christmas, naturally Santa’s gifts come to our mind. And Elf is the one who helps Santa to make these magical gifts in his workshop. Be Santa’s little helper this Christmas with this Christmas Elf Wig. This is a perfect character to be on Christmas. A great combination of red and white, this wig is a perfect reminder of this biggest holiday. Make the day really merry this holiday season with this Elf-style wig. Perfect for all ages, simply slide it in and admire your new look.

Christmas Elf Wig


6. The Grinch Wig

Grinch is full of mischief and a Christmas hater. You can be this character to add fun on Christmas eve. This wig is specially made for the holiday, but you can cosplay wearing this at any other costume party. Usually, this wig bundle comes with eyebrows and a mustache, and it’s full green like The Grinch. So, be this character but don’t try to steal Christmas!

The Grinch Wig

7. Cindy Lou Who Wig

Who likes Christmas like little Who? This small Who girl lives in Whoville, and she catches the Grinch from stealing Christmas. This innocent little girl has a firm belief in the spirit of Christmas. She has a golden heart and sees the good side of the Grinch. To bring out your inner innocence on Christmas wear this holiday wig. This Cindy Lou Who Wig is pretty as a picture. If you want to save Christmas from the Grinch, cosplay this character on the holiday.

Cindy Lou Who Wig

The holiday season is upon us and it is the time to be with friends, family, and loved ones. With all the excitement and cheer, it’s easy to lose track of what makes this season truly special– Getting dressed up in a holiday theme and sharing joy with family and friends. That’s why we created 7 incredible holiday wig ideas for you holiday shoppers. Pick any style from here and mix and match to create your perfect look.

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