Easy Minion Halloween Costumes For All Ages

Easy Minion Halloween Costumes For All Ages

Minions are the adorable little yellow creatures that won millions of hearts all across the globe, since they first appeared in the popular movie "Despicable Me", released back in the year 2010. The movie and the two sequels and especially these characters(Minions), garnered so much popularity worldwide, that people in Minion Halloween costume have become an increasingly common sight during Halloween.

The best thing about being a minion is that anyone can be a minion. People of all ages in the family, from toddlers to adults, can be a "Minion" and thoroughly enjoy the experience. So let's take a look at a few despicable me costume for all ages. 

Choosing the perfect costume

Firstly, to rock a Minion costume, you need to decide, which Minion character matches your personality and the one that you desire the most.

Even though most Minions are primarily yellow in colour, wearing blue overalls and goggles over their eyes, there are purple and black coloured Minions too. These versions first debuted in the second installment of the three film series, titled "Despicable Me 2".

So you have to choose whether you want to be one of the good Minions or one of the evil Minions. You can also be a mixture of them both, if that for you is the best "Despicable Me" costume. Minion costumes are fairly easy to make and almost anyone can make them in very little time, even with limited crafts at hand.

Apart from Minion the films have several other interesting characters like "Gru", " The Girls", etc. So if you want you can also dress up as them or pair them with Minions and make your perfect Despicable Me Halloween costumes

Easy Minion costumes to Assemble

  • Minion Costumes for Women

Even though it may seem hard at first to decide on how to get the perfect look for a short and sweet, beady-eyed Minion, when you are an adult woman, but it is not as hard as you may think. To assemble a Yellow Minion Costume for an adult woman, the first thing you need are a pair of blue coloured denim overalls.

This you need to slip on, over a yellow turtleneck, that you also need to get. For your feet you will need black booties and finally to finish the look, a pair of steampunk goggles. There you have it, a perfect adult minion costume

  • Evil Minion Costume

In case you want to bring out that "devil woman" inside you, you may also want to go as an evil Purple Minion. All you need to do is some minor changes to get that adult minion costume. The turtleneck you need, becomes purple instead of yellow.

Apart from that you need a black skirt overalls along with a pair of purple-coloured tights. Everything else remains the same. 

  • Minion Costumes for Men

For an adult man, putting together a Minion Halloween costume is actually surprisingly easy and you might even have the clothes lying around the house. The first thing you need is of course those blue denim overalls. Next in line are a yellow beanie and a yellow shirt. Finally come the black boots and the pair of goggles. In case any of you want to go the extra mile, you can always put in black pipe cleaners through the hat for the hair.

It will give a much more complete look, but even without it you have a perfect "Despicable Me" costume that will rock any Halloween party. 

  • Minion Costumes for Kids

The Minion costumes for the kids are almost completely the same as the adult ones. First thing, as always are the pair of blue overalls(preferably denim). Then comes the long-sleeved yellow shirt. The final additions are the black shoes and pair of goggles and that's it. Your kid can walk down the road looking adorable as ever in the perfect little "Despicable Me" Halloween costumes. 

The evil Minion Costume , can also have a skirt version. For that one, just add a pair of purple-coloured tights into the mix and use a black skirt in place of the black overalls and you are done. Everything else remains the same. 

  • Minion Costumes for Toddlers

Now this may be the easiest Minion costume to assemble and yet this is surely the one you will have the most fun with. So everyone else is having fun in their "Despicable Me" costumes, why should the babies be left out. In order to assemble this Minion Halloween costume, just get your infant a pair of baby overalls along with a long-sleeve, yellow coloured onesie. A minion hat which has the goggles on them will look simply beautiful.

In case you are a stickler for perfection, find a pair of tiny black boots which your baby is comfortable in. You have no idea of the attention your baby will garner in that adorable little Minion Halloween costume. 

Are You ready to be a Minion this Halloween?

 Dressing up as a Minion during the Halloweens is not as hard you think and it can definitely set you apart from the rest. The clothes are easy enough to acquire and it has no parts that might suddenly come off and leave you looking like an idiot. The characters are really sweet and adorable and you will definitely have a gala time. Enjoy. 


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