Best Costume Ideas For Harley Quinn Cosplay

Best Costume Ideas For Harley Quinn Cosplay

Ever since Harley Quinn has graced the universe of DC comics, more and more girls have begun to show interest in it. A type of movies, comics, cartoons that had hitherto been almost exclusively famous amongst boys, found its way into the world of the girls as well.

Girls are fascinated by her eccentric character which has an edge to it. Her personality is enhanced by her absurd sense of dressing which is a hit. Her psychopathic traits had brought about a dimensional change in the perception of psychopathy in women. It almost dismantles the patriarchal discourse on hysteria and mental illness in women. 

Harley Quinn has a bizarre sense of style and has increased her popularity in the field of cosplay. There are several women who engage in Harley Quinn Cosplay. It is not very difficult to come across a Harley Quinn Costume. If not the entire set at once, you can always pick bits and pieces to assemble one. They may look like they are some exotic inaccessible ensemble but with a little effort, you are good to go.

Let us now look into the different ideas for a cosplay


It is needless to say that Harley Quinn Halloween Costume is among the most famous and easily available of the lot. Her ‘birds of prey blazer’ costume are perhaps the most worn in a cosplay. The blazer is traditionally a blue one with random colourful patches on it. It needs to be teamed up with her signature belt and stripped pants if possible. 


Along with that, the hair colour and twin ponies are as essential to the cosplay as treats are for Halloween. Her hair has inspired women from every walks of life to embrace flashy hair colours and it has been transformed into a trend. So next time you colour your hair and look absolutely gorgeous, you know who to thank!

Harley Quinn Halloween costumes are pretty common. People love dressing up as their favourite comic characters. And our psychiatrist turned psychopath Quinn is among the most common. So you must always have a backup Harley Quinn cosplay costume at hand, which preferably should be a little less conventional. And for that, we have her duster coat.

Cosplay For Little Girls

For little girls who probably would not be able to sport Harley’s semi-formal idiosyncratic fashion statement, one can go for her famous red and blue shorts and jacket or could just team the jacket up with a shiny skirt studded with stones.

And to take it a notch higher, you may give the child a baseball bat like Harley is seen sporting with that costume and there we have our adorable dangerous supergirl.And do not forget to smear her lips red for that Harley Quin effect. A cosplay is never just about the costume but makeup and accessories as well. 

Cosplay For Adults

cosplay of harley quinn

A Harley Quinn Costume For Adults is widely available and has a plethora of options to choose from. The phenomenal wings jacket comes with fringes for the sleeves that gives it an appearance of wings. For the emancipated character that Harley Quinn is, her jacket of wings seems to speak volumes of her daredevil personality. You can pair the jacket up with a pink tank top that comes with a suspender and shorts.

You can also modify the jacket if you please and get ready to be showered with all the praise for your innovative cosplay.
You can also opt for the romper costume and pair it up with the same pink top. For accessorizing yourself, you may go for temporary tattoos and her necklace.

For the hair and face

While some absolutely crazy fans dye their hair for the purpose of cosplay, some prefer to complete their look with epic cosplay wigs. These wigs are available almost at any shopping website and needless to say come in white with highlights of prominent pink, blue or purple. You may also get some modified versions of the same but in order to put up an effective cosplay, a true to character wig is advisable. 

For the makeup, it is very basic and can achieve maximum effect with minimum effort. Along with the messy ponytails, make your face a little paler than it is and smear a generous blood-red lipstick on your lips. You need not be very immaculate with your lipstick for it is this messy look that is going to render the Harley Quinn look. Lastly, you can draw simple tattoos on your face with a marker and you are ready to rock the cosplay. 


There are several other ways to swing a Harley Quinn cosplay and if you are a fan you would find innovative ways to ensemble a look. Harley Quinn’s popularity owes a great deal to her fans who have made the character even more prevailing in the mainstream among the people who are not deeply familiar with the DC universe.

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