Fun Trolls Costume Ideas

Fun Trolls Costume Ideas

If you’re “trolling” for Trolls costumes for a themed party, Halloween or a cosplay convention, you have found the best resource! Halloween Party Online carries a wide variety of options, whether you’re hoping to get a giggle with our Burger Troll Wig or make a political statement with our President Trump Wind Blown Wig. Here’s your guide to some of our favorite trolls themed items.

Traditional Trolls Characters

Hoping to transform into the leader of all trolls? Become King Peppy with our Men's King Troll Costume. Tie the look together with a matching King Troll Wig and your best rendition of Jeffrey Tambor, and…Presto!

If you’re looking to put together a complete troll family for you and the kids, we can help! The matriarch of your family would look great in a Grandma Rosiepuff wig and we offer the following children’s trolls costumes: Princess Poppy, Branch, and King Peppy.

Holiday Trolls

For a Christmas celebration, the Child Costume for Cosplay Christmas Trolls Poppy is the perfect fit and pairs convincingly with the Merry Christmas Troll Wig. The fun doesn’t stop there! You can also dress as a troll for St. Patrick’s Day.

Patriotic Trolls

Display your patriotism by donning one of our flag cosplay wigs. You cannot go wrong with our Adult Women 4th of July American Stripes Troll Wig or our American Peace Sign Troll Wig. If your allegiance lies with a country in another part of the world, consider our wigs for the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Spain and many others. As a bonus, you’re bound to also find a matching flag troll dress costume!

You're sure to have fun displaying your creativity with one of the many troll costumes or wigs we carry. To see our full troll-themed inventory, get started here.

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