Witch Costumes and How to Properly Dress Like a Witch

Witch Costumes and How to Properly Dress Like a Witch

Witches are an extremely popular costume choice, especially during Halloween. According to Google Trends, it was the fifth most searched costume in 2018. That doesn't mean you can't stand out from the crowd though, so let's review a few options for some spook-tacular costumes and the best ways to dress like a witch.

Selecting the Perfect Witch Costume

A huge part of choosing a witch costume is deciding what style of witch you’d like to be.

Classic Witch

If you're looking for a classic Salem Witch, this traditional costume could be the perfect selection for you. The best part? This costume comes complete with everything you'll need.

Scary Witch

If you're aiming for a more spooky-looking witch costume you could try our Rich Witch costume or, perhaps the Cloak of Darkness costume would be more fitting for the look you’re brewing.

Sexy Witch

And lastly, for the witches who are looking to cast a love spell, this sexy witch costume provides all the necessary witchy-ness with a bonus slim price tag.

Which Witch Wig Will You Choose?

Hair is a huge selling point of your witch costume, and unless you have naturally witchy hair, you'll want to find the perfect wig to match your look. Check the links below for some spell-binding options for any witch costume.

Top it Off with a Hat

Depending on your costume choice, you may be lacking a hat, or just looking to customize your look with a bolder statement. Everyone knows you can't be a proper witch without a witchy hat! Here are several hat options that would work magically.

With your costume complete, you're ready to go out and show the neighborhood who's the baddest witch in town!

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