How To Dress Like Your Favorite 90s Heartthrobs

How To Dress Like Your Favorite 90s Heartthrobs

How To Dress Like Your Favorite 90s Heartthrobs

Right now, 90s fashion and nostalgia is making a comeback in a serious way! That means it’s the perfect time to relive some of these memories in the form of fun, easy costumes. A really fun way to pull this off is by dressing up like your favorite 90s heartthrobs you grew up with!

While you may already have some of the essential items to dress up like your favorite 90s heartthrobs, we have just the things you need to finish up these costumes so you can impress like only 90s kids would understand!

Middle Part Wig

A staple of the 90s heartthrob look was a solid middle part hairdo. Whether you’re going for a long-haired heartthrob like one of the Hanson brothers or Joseph Gordon-Levitt or a shorter-haired hunk like Devon Sawa, getting the perfect middle part hair is essential to nailing your 90s heartthrob costume.

Fortunately, here at Halloween Party Online, we have just the right wigs to make this a reality!

Want that perfect long middle part hairstyle you saw on 90s heartthrobs like Joseph Gordon-Levitt or the Hanson brothers? Then check out our Persona 5 Haru Okumura Wig! Or maybe you’re looking for a shorter middle part hairstyle like Devon Sawa or Mark-Paul Gosselaar. In that case, then our Han Solo Wig is just what you need to have that 90s heartthrob hair down just right!

Grunge-Inspired Outfit

Another important piece of dressing like your favorite 90s heartthrob is getting your outfit right. Key to this is finding the perfect grunge-inspired look.

Though he might not exactly be much of a heartthrob himself, you can’t say that Gru from Despicable Me doesn’t have some great grunge fashion that would perfectly complete your 90s heartthrob look! Between his neutral tones, zip-up jacket, and scarf, our Gru Costume will have you dressed just like you’re straight out of the pages of your favorite 90s teen magazine!

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