Celebrate Halloween With These Group Costumes!

Celebrate Halloween With These Group Costumes!

Celebrating Halloween With Group Costumes

With Halloween not far away, friends are planning parties for this day and what costumes to wear. But, shopping is time-consuming. One great time-saving idea is that of wearing group costumes available at HalloweenPartyOnline. Friends dressed in one motif will dazzle other guests, and their photographs will have a real impact.

Group Costume Ideas

Decisions about the theme of costumes depend upon the gender, age, and tastes of those in the group. One theme that crosses generations is the Star Wars motif since the first Star Wars movie came out in the late 1970's. This theme works well for a group because there are several striking characters from which people can choose.

Police in uniforms and prisoners in orange will draw attention and laughs from others. Wigs and facial hair can add to the sinister effect of the criminals. Another popular theme is that of the Trolls. One of the males can dress as King Peppy and wear the wig made for this costume. The members of the group can dress similarly and paint their faces in imitation of Guy Diamond and other trolls. Another theme that works well for groups is that of pirates. A number of authentic-looking costumes for both males and females are available. These costumes can easily be personalized with make-up, facial hair and wigs, and other accessories.

Era costumes are always fun to wear. Groups can dress as Rock singers of the 60's, 70's and 80's. For instance, there is a Jimi Hendrick costume and general ones for male singers of the 70's and 80's that can be adapted to the wearer's liking. Also available are costumes of historical figures such as George Washington. There are era costumes, too, such as Greek dresses and togas.


Along with the variety of costumes and wigs and facial hair, there are hats and capes available in many colors and patterns. These items can be used to create interesting effects.

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