How To Throw a Bob Ross Party

How To Throw a Bob Ross Party

Are you looking for a fun and unique party idea that your friends will remember and talk about forever? How about one that is both interactive and filled with heartwarming nostalgia? If yes, then we have just the idea for you: a Bob Ross Party!

You surely remember Bob Ross and his wonderful TV show, The Joy of Painting, as well as his iconic beard, afro, and joyous demeanor! All of this is what makes a Bob Ross Party such a great idea for changing things up a bit and throwing a party surely unlike any you or your friends have ever attended.

If this idea sounds up your alley, then Halloween Party Online has put together everything you need in order to throw a Bob Ross Party yourself!

Bob Ross Party Paint and Supplies

Oil Paints

Before you go out and buy your supplies, you need to choose which Bob Ross painting you are going to follow along with at your party. You can find every episode of Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting on the show’s official YouTube Channel, or select episode collections on Netflix. At the beginning of these episodes, Bob Ross tells you which colors of oil paint you need for that painting.

Fortunately, Ross intentionally used minimal colors in his paintings in order to keep things simple for his viewers, and you can find which colors you need on this index of all 403 paintings from The Joy of Painting!

Don’t worry too much about the quality of oil paint you buy since this is for fun and the price of higher-quality oil paint can quickly add up. Just make sure that either you get enough oil paint for everyone attending the party or you give them specific instructions on which type and colors of paint to bring if your party is BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint)!


Once you have your paint, you will also need a place for it to go—your canvases. After you have purchased your canvases, you are supposed to whitewash them before painting. Make sure to do this well enough beforehand to allow the whitewashed canvases to dry before your party.

Brushes and Other Supplies

There are some other supplies you will need, as well as some that are optional. You and your guests will need an assortment of paintbrushes (which brushes specifically vary by what painting you will be doing) and paint solvent to clean your brushes.

Other supplies such as easels are optional and up to you how in-depth you would like your Bob Ross Party to be. For additional ideas on these supplies to consider, check out this beginner’s guide to Bob Ross painting.

Bob Ross Wigs and Costumes

Bob Ross Wigs

If you are going to dress up like Bob Ross, then his iconic afro and beard are absolutely essential. Whether you are the sole designated Bob Ross leading the guests of your Bob Ross Party in painting, or everyone in attendance is also Bob Ross, this is important.

Fortunately, we have a variety of Bob Ross wigs available for you and your guests to choose from in order to get just the right Bob Ross look you need!

Check out our Bob Ross Afro Wig with Full Beard and Moustache Set, our Small Afro Wig with Full Beard and Moustache Set, our Jumbo Afro Wig with Full Beard and Moustache Set, and our Bob Ross Afro Wig with Full Beard Set!

Bob Ross Costumes

Fortunately, once you have your Bob Ross wig, the rest of your costume is incredibly simple. To complete the iconic Bob Ross look, all you need is a tucked-in light blue long-sleeved collared shirt, blue jeans, and a brown belt.

You should note, however, that painting can be a messy process, so you should not wear any clothes that you wouldn’t want to get paint on as part of your costume, or you should consider disposable ponchos to wear during painting.

Prepare the Area

Before your Bob Ross Party, you will need to prepare the area you will be hosting the party in order to make it a great experience for you and your guests, as well as protect the area from paint.


For your Bob Ross Party, you will need to decide where the screen (a TV is best, but a computer or tablet can also potentially work) on which you and your guests will be viewing the episode of The Joy of Painting will be located. It should be easily seen by all in attendance so everyone can follow along with Bob Ross’ instruction.

Arrange and Protect Your Space

It’s very important to remember that painting can be a huge mess and a pain to clean up afterwards, unless you prepare correctly beforehand, that is!  

Configure the space you are hosting your Bob Ross Party so that you and all of your guests have ample space to comfortably sit (or stand at their eisel if you will have those for your party) and work on their painting. Once you have your space configured for the party, cover the area with dropcloth, newspaper, tarp, or plastic sheeting to protect from paint and make cleanup considerably easier.


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