Top 5 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for 2022

Top 5 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for 2022

Eddie Munson

The eccentric leader of the Hellfire Club at Hawkins Highschool became a fan-favorite in Stranger Things season 4 thanks to his nonconformist attitude and metalhead style. Despite being a social reject and seeing things that would *definitely* deeply disturb the average highschooler, he fought to save his friends and his town. Talk about brave! Grab a curly mullet and his signature T and you’re officially part of the Hellfire Club.
Disco Sequin Shirt Costume


Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis Presley was freakishly accurate, from his black gelled hair to his smooth voice. In fact, as many have noticed from recent interviews, his voice seems to have permanently been affected by his embodiment of the rockstar, leaving us wondering – is this just how Austin Butler is going to sound now? Nail the look this Halloween with a black wig and suit.

Mens Singer Wig
Adult Men's Satin Costume
Mens Suit Halloween Costume


Love them or hate them, the Euphoria cast and their teenage woes captured us all this past year. While most of our high school experiences and outfits weren’t exactly on par with the level of drama unfolding at East Highland High School, we can still have fun transforming into them on Halloween night. Bedazzle yourself with some gemstones and a statement outfit and voi-la!

Evil Bride Adult Women's Wig
Euphoria rhinestones makeup


With season two of Bridgerton being released this year, our fave characters are back to sporting their ringlet curls, bedazzled poufs, and beautiful dresses. The gorgeous ladies of the Regency era remind us that there’s no need to be shy when it comes to hair, even more so on Halloween! A Bridgerton-themed look can be easily achieved with a DIY pouf using bobby pins and heat styling, or you can go all-out with a wig. Just don't forget the dress!

Baroque Marie Antoinette Wig
Daphne Bridgerton Cosplay Costume
Daphne Bridgerton Cosplay Costume


MGK and Megan Fox

As Twitter user @caseyaonso put it, “Everything I’ve learned about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly has been against my will.” The unlikely pair’s emo vibes and in-your-face relationship have kept them in the news all throughout 2022 and served as a gold mine for memes. With their signature hairstyles and *ahem* interesting outfits, they're the perfect Halloween costume for a duo.

Black Long Straight Womens Wig
Men Fancy Wig

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