Top 8 Fun Facts about The World Cup

Top 8 Fun Facts about The World Cup

One Trophy Has Been Missing for 40 Years

The Jules Rimet Trophy, which can only be kept by the winning team if they become victors three times in a row, was awarded to Brazil in 1970 when they became 3-time champions. However, it was stolen in 1983 and hasn’t been recovered since! Many fans believe that it was melted down.

Brazil Has Won the World Cup the Most

With 5 wins since the inception of the World Cup, Brazil has racked up quite a few victories. Some of the most famously skilled soccer players in the world come from Brazil, so it’s really no surprise!

The World Cup Has Six Types of Awards

The best player awards include the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ball, given to the respective first, second, and third winners. There’s also the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Boot awards, which are given to the top three goal scorers of the tournament. The Golden Glove Award is given to the best goalie of the tournament, and there’s a Best Young Player Award for the best player under 21. The FIFA Fair Play Trophy is given to the team deemed to have played the most fairly, and, last but not least, the general public can vote for the recipient of the Most Entertaining Team award

The Jules Rimet Trophy Was Once Found by a Dog

Before it was stolen and lost forever, the Jules Rimet trophy was snatched once before in London. A man by the name of David Corbett found the trophy when his dog, Pickles, wouldn’t stop sniffing a strange package leaned up against a car on one of their walks. David may have opened the package and uncovered the trophy himself, but we think Pickles deserves the credit!

Essam El Hadary is the Oldest World Cup Player

In 2018, Essam El Hadary, Egypt’s goalkeeper, played at the World Cup in Russia at age 45. He played an important role at the game, managing to successfully stop a penalty shot from Saudi Arabia.

Mexico Has Had the Most World Cup Losses

Mexico has played 53 matches since the World Cup’s inception, and 25 of them have ended in defeat. Better luck this year, Mexico!

Brazil Has Played at Every World Cup Final

It’s true! Since the beginning of the World Cup, Brazil has been the only country to play in every single tournament.

The Qatar World Cup Will Have the First Demountable Stadium

In an effort to reduce the waste of building a temporary stadium, the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, also known as Stadium 974 has been built out of shipping containers that will be dismantled and resued once the tournament is over. 

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